wrong roads & an announcement...

this process has been in the works, literally, for years. just like this old post from a while back, i feel like this one has been in draft mode for an eternity. it all started a few summers ago, back when i felt like the whole world was crashing down. mike and i were tired and overwhelmed and confused. we had it all, but were miserable. somehow an idea evolved- a place- new york city. it was this lightbulb that went off and i thought, 'that's it!! that's what feels right!' unfortunately, nothing in my life has been so clear, but so painstakingly hard to turn into reality. 
the last year in dc has been amazing! i have absolutely adored my job, and coming from my last job (which was also incredible), that says a lot! my boss is amazing. this time back east has been healing and it's been happy. it's been a time of miracles and blessings. it has been filled with some of the dearest memories of all my life. 
but we've known it wasn't long term for a while now. 
so we've been in limbo, just trying to make change happen.
the reality of moving to nyc is as harebrained as it gets for a family of 4 (with basically no connections in the city). we reached out and networked as best we could. things looked up, then they immediately fell back down- at times, they crashed down. my spirit was broken, but we were in it together. all i wanted to do was give up and go back to what was "normal," but after the pain subsided, the same thought of "did i not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter?" came again. and again. 

so we just kept pushing. 

i thought of this video a million times over. (watch it- it's SO good!)

instead of a wrong "road," i think we went down about 26 wrong roads.
words cannot describe how many jobs mike has applied to. one at a time. carefully and thoughtfully. he's been a trooper. but the jobs have hundreds of applicants- sometimes thousands!
awesome, talented, qualified, MBA-in-hand mike has spent everyday for months searching. thinking outside the box. researching. focusing. he's an insanely great guy, and i'm not just saying that. i have no idea how he didn't crumble into a million pieces, or shatter just dealing with my stress over the whole situation:) there was even a moment when a job offer came that was just what we thought we wanted as our plan b! the pay was great, it was in an awesome city (our #2 choice), with a great company... but as i watched him on the phone when they extended the offer, he shook his head and mouthed, "it's just not right... i can't say 'yes!'" so he turned it down. and in that moment i swear we were committed- that was it. our opportunity to get what we thought we wanted as a backup, well, it wasn't right either. so back to the waiting game. back to the head shaking and eye-rolling and laser focus on that hard, unforgiving, rough, magical city. 
  we thought moving to dc was an irresponsible but exciting adventure... but it seems like cake compared to our next harebrained adventure: 

we're moving to new york city. (like, tomorrow.)

we officially have an apartment in the city. 

but no job in the city. 

i know, right? we've lost our minds.

i'll talk another day about how getting a place to live in manhattan is basically about as difficult as a man giving birth to a porcupine, but for now, if there was ever any question whether or not the petersens had officially lost their minds, the jury has come to a verdict: guilty. it's kind of like taking a leap of faith... off a cliff... over the grand canyon... while loosening your hand on all the savings you've stored for almost 12 years as you plummet downward hoping something will catch your fall. 

wish us luck. 

and if you have any, pass along suggestions on jobs in the city for mike:) i didn't imagine the move happening quite like this- it feels terrifying, but right... so off we go! OH! and in case you're wondering, we also are keeping our apartment here in dc while i keep working... mike will relocate to nyc and focus his time and energy on getting a job in the city, from the city. what's worse than one overpriced apartment? TWO OVERPRICED APARTMENTS!!! :) we have this knack for "living" in multiple homes at once. it's a terrible idea, and i REALLY don't recommend it to others.
(i also wish upon us many more trips to milk bar. which is in dc too!? what?! how'd i miss that one?)

all hereby posted photos are from one of our wackadoodle apartment-hunting day-trips this month. more on those later, too;)

see you soon, concrete jungle where dreams are made of.


  1. I just found your blog through Instagram and love it! Wishing you the best of luck on your exciting, new journey! I am from Wisconsin & have no contacts in NYC sorry!!
    Brianna from www.thepartyperssons.blogspot.com

  2. I'm excited for you guys! You are doing what you want to do, so good for you. Enjoy it.


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