elle's kindergarten teacher needs a raise, and our saturday...

ever since elle lost her first tooth a few months ago, she's had a few others wiggling around. one in particular that i swear could have fallen out that same day, but she's been terrified to bite, eat, or even talk properly as to disrupt said floppy tooth, so it's hung on. for far too long. (she's a shark!!) thursday elle was eating lunch at school when she bit into something hard, so she spit all of her salad into a napkin and got her teacher... who then proceeded to DIG THROUGH HER CHEWED UP FOOD to find a tooth!   teacher.of.the.year.   who does that!?!? clearly, thank you's were in order.

we pow-wowed on the kids' floor saturday and wrote thank you notes to some people in our lives who we appreciate a little more than normal right now. i feel like gratitude is shoved by the wayside, so i'm trying to be better, and teach the kids to be better, about making sure they hold doors open for grown ups, remember manners, and always try to be respectful and polite. one can always try, right?
jude drummed (taylor swift was on the boom box. true story. and yes, thanks to my grandpa, we have a boom box), and played with those capsule that turn into sponges that are supposed to look like bugs (thank you, target dollar section), while elle and i wrote notes. 
"...thank you for digging through my chewed up food to find my lost tooth!"
then jude showed off all his "yoose teef" :)
elle loves to draw, but these new cards (thank you, tiny prints!) are just the cutest! we got to personalize them with elle's name and picture on the back, and they leave just enough space for her to write a little note before her attention span is gone:) 
after our little gratitude sesh we headed to the amish market in annapolis! we go there whenever we can. 
i go for the pretzels. 
so do all those people in line in front of us... 
no really though, the pretzels. 
we went with my parents at this time last year (my mom and i used to come here when i was a teenager!), we took mike's family when they were in town last fall, and we always went on our way to/from the beach in the summertime! 

their pretzels are life.changing! also, their boston cream pie? don't get me started.

(i'm thinking- should i write them a thank you note?...)
we sat on the floor like real fans to partake in our buttery goodness. 
then we went to the mall and met a transformer on our way to the lego store to peruse.
also! this thing? super cool. it's like magic! except i swear it only works on the christmas lego sets.

next, more food. because when in annapolis, the mormons hit up cafe rio!
 later that night we went on a scooter adventure around town! first, kermit. then to get a redbox, and maybe we shared a pizza at blaze to round out our "how many meals can we eat out in 1 day" roll we were on. (but when pretzels cost $4, lunch costs $9, and dinner costs $6, i feel like it's totally fine.)

the only thing more exciting than the day was the fact that it's supposed to be in the SEVENTIES this week! which, i mean, hello. 

bring on spring!!!

(and more pretzels.)


  1. Such a good mom!!! What a good idea to have your kids write thank you notes!

  2. Love your "love note date"! It's becoming a lost art, and it's just super awesome!

    ...and...the Amish Market....(sigh)Oh how I miss you.


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