our visit to utah!!

today! it's another snow day! so! many! snow days! on the bright side- i can catch up on schtuff.

so utah! we bought tickets to utah about a week out- the day before jonas hit, so basically we had a snow day, weekend, snow day, then we took off on vacation. our flight was for tuesday morning, and the airports were just getting up and going again on monday, so our timing couldn't have been better. we decided to get a hotel near the airport monday night so we wouldn't have to deal with a potential icy commute tuesday morning (aka: drivers who can't drive in the sun, let alone ice, during rush hour).   good decision.  as we drove to the airport they had plowed the lanes, then randomly the 3 clear lanes turned into ONE! like a merge without signage, and a 4' tall snowbank in the dead middle of the road.  that happened over and over and over again! i can't believe there weren't more wrecks- it was bananas. 

our hotel was basically free thanks to our marriott points, but they had free dinner and free breakfast so somehow we came up on top:) also, it was cheaper to pay to leave our car there than at the airport so definitely a triple bam of awesomeness.

we landed, ran off to vegas, then we had 5ish days with family and friends in utah...
we met up with my most favorite coworkers from the young women office for brunch at gourmandise, ate sweedish pancakes with our friends another morning, and celebrated jude's birthday a little early as well. we also caught up on food (priorities): boba world, swig, pizzeria limone, and in-n-out. heaven!!! 
oh yes, and it snowed. it snowed a lot. can you believe it- NOTHING WAS CANCELLED OR SHUT DOWN! the horror! we drove north to visit mike's family over the weekend and all this fear of snow is getting to me- i had my eyes closed for most of the drive. it made me so nervous!

we stayed with my sweet parents who gave up their bedroom and a car for us to use the whole time we were in town. the kids shared a daybed, and ever since we got home elle insists on her bed being on the floor next to jude's crib and they fall asleep holding hands each night. i mean- hello!? make my mommy heart just burst! i mean, they're turds half the time, but the overall story is that it's super cute.  so i'll stick with that.
mike made jude a hulk cake, per jude's request, and my parents gave jude a neat-o flexible, glowing racetrack that is pretty darn awesome (except when you step on it. TOYS HURT!).
and a few more from my phone...
starbucks. we have a problem.

also, ELLE IS A SHARK!!!!
oh, and maybe a few more from vegas...
and that's basically that. 

it was good to visit, and it was SO fun to spend time with our families and some friends. lots of chatting and eating and games. lots of laughing and goofing off, and some glorious cousin time for the kids. 

thanks for the great times, west. you've been good to us!

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  1. 1. Elle's tooth, wha???? CRAZY!! 2. That cake is incredible. 3. That's so awesome that you guys got to have a little getaway. Sometimes I feel like our relationship health is dependent on how long it's been since Spencer and I have taken a few days away just for us. 4. Utah needs more snow days. Like this whole dang month.


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