the white house christmas tree...

 my thoughts on dc have changed greatly since it's been in the 60's and 70's the past week. 
(it's december 18th.)
this is incredible!! i like it so much more around here when it's 70.

sunday after church we decided to take some family time and go on our sunday walk down by the white house- it was too beautiful to stay inside, and we had a bit of time before heading to a friends' house for dinner. i cannot express how much joy this pleasant air brings my soul!! it was freezing when we moved here, and summer was busy and swampy. this time of year is quieter around town, and it's so nice to enjoy the sights with pleasant air and fewer crowds...
i've been wanting to see the national tree for a few weeks now- mind you, this was tree #3 in 24-hours- the day before we saw the trees at the botanic garden and on the capitol lawn, so my expectations were high. this tree is, well, a little weird? it is covered in a shell of ribbon? it looked AMAZING when the lights were on though...  ;)

the kids blew through all the coins in my purse trying to toss them into the train baskets (mike also stole any coins he could reach on the grass for bonus shots).

can you see mike & elle in the crowd? :) ...
then we walked around and found trees for the states we love. ^^
before we knew it, the sun was starting to go down; the the lights popped on (literally as elle took these pictures)! nice timing.
the kids made new friends and played tag with each other and mike. 
we facetime'd with family, then we headed out, wishing for the sun to stay up just a little longer...

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