ohio for 24-hours & a lost tooth!

24-hour trips are kind of our thing. granted, ohio is about twice as far as our normal jaunts, but since it is christmastime and my grandpa is rather alone, we decided to make a quick visit while the weather was good!

in preparation for our little road trip, mike made games. a snowflake sewing thing, and this "daddy's famous labyrinth" concoction. a++ for parental creativity- i'm glad one of us can do this stuff.

my phone got us super lost, and we ended up spending an hour driving through "scenic" cumberland, maryland. it's an interesting place.........

as soon as we got to canton we stocked up on norcia's bread, which is the best of the best. we got the last few loaves on the shelves, plus a few extra to mail to my mom, but of course we got to the post office too late and ended up at the ups store where they gave me a staggering $93 total (not including my $1.17 box). SERIOUSLY?! 
we now have a freezer full of bread. 
sorry, mom. 
on the flip side, gas was $1.69!! that was a steal.
we stayed at our traditional hotel (thank you, once again, marriott points), jumped on the beds, then headed to see my grandpa...
after our visit we went to grinders for dinner (it's just the best), then we visited more family, and a good friend from high school. we also had the awesome idea to go to walmart at 6:30 on the saturday before christmas!! 
we really accomplished quite a few nearly-impossible feats by bedtime.
the kids were up long before the sun begging for breakfast (this hotel has the best breakfast! second only to our hotel in paris which i doubt could ever be topped). how they make their oatmeal so yummy is beyond me. i had, like, 3 bowls. 

then more bed jumping. (for everyone who didn't have 3 bowls of oatmeal.) 

(we realized we could take the mattress and throw it on the other side of the room for the kids- it works so great! plus, i feel like they'll only sprain a leg rather than break a leg this way.)
we took my grandpa to visit the cemetery where my grandma is buried, per tradition, then after saying goodbye we went to see my cute aunt. most everyone in my family is well under 5' tall, and i LOVE it. i also love that my kids are building relationships with these awesome people i spent so much time with as a little girl. my aunt filled the kids up with cookies and soda, and a few little christmas presents and trinkets to take home. elle cried as we left her house:(
elle's top tooth has been loose for months and months, but all of the sudden is wiggling less and less. we hardly noticed her bottom tooth getting super wiggly. over the weekend it started to get stuck in her food and tip to the side... as we drove home elle's ability to talk was inhibited, and her tooth just got taller and taller and taller......... (is that a thing?! it was super weird.)
we stopped at cracker barrel to stretch and eat (the kids love this place and i have NO idea why they're so obsessed); right there, totally out of character, mike got the gumption to just pull that wiggly tooth right out! we cheered and people stared. our teenage waiter was not impressed. this is big people!
after we arrived back at home, unpacked, and got the kids to bed, mike spent the next 2 hours making the loveliest tooth fairy gifts i've ever seen: a mini lego box, tiny scrolled notes, and a money basket handing from the wall with floss...
stinking tooth fairy had to leave $5 because she apparently was out of dollar bills. she is way too generous. 

dear elle, 

good job on the tooth! since it is your first one, you get to keep it, but the next one is mine! remember to floss and brush twice a day!

tooth fairy

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