christmas lights at the dc temple...

it's always been tradition to go to temple square in salt lake to see the christmas lights (see years of yore here, here & here... there are more years documented, but i can't find them now;) it started when mike and i were dating, and became my favorite time of year since i worked in the heart of it all. side note- 6am was my favorite time to look at the lights, as i got to work and turned all the lights on inside our offices; the grounds were empty, but the magic was just the same since all the lights were on. it was in the top 5 best parts of my job- the view was one of the best in the whole city!!!

i guess if we're not in salt lake, dc is the second best place to be! the dc temple lights are amazing! we stopped by after our busy day around town to surprise the kids- my GOSH it was still so warm out (i don't even know why elle had her coat on)...
we admired all the lights and talked about the differences, and things we loved about both temple grounds at christmastime. 

the crowd was huge and the neighborhood around the temple was filled with cars and people of every cultural coming to celebrate the holidays. 

the temple grounds are of course much different, and they tried to keep visitors near the visitors center instead of the actual temple, for patrons who were attending to serve. it was really an awesome sight to behold...

the trees looked really different- i imagine because the climate is different so the actual trees are just different kinds of trees- i honestly have no idea though. it was beautiful though. so many led lights, our little eyeballs were seeing spots even when we closed our eyes!

also, the lights that were shining off the car windows looked super cool;) 
christmastime here has been so interesting- there is much less talk of "christmas" and much more talk of the "holidays." things are politically correct- literally. there aren't many lights, particularly in our neighborhood (none, really), and there is even less talk of Christ or His birth in a stable long ago. it's been a blessing to know and respect others and their beliefs, but also to remember why we're celebrating the season. there is zero talk about any elves on shelves, and most people we know aren't going to be home with extended families- it's quaint and small and focused on simplicity. it's an interesting treat. 

i'm so grateful for this season, and so grateful for the joy and genuine magic that is christmas. 

merry christmas!!

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  1. It is a beautiful respite from the craziness of DC! Absolutely my favorite part of the whole area!!!


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