31st birthday weekend...

 i've been blogging here for so long- i swear i remember writing that one of us was turning, like 24, and that seemed geriatric. ha! hilarious.  i turned 31 on friday. it was a hard day. the 30's are crazy to me- i haven't really settled into the concept yet, but without further adieu they keep on rolling by! 

friday i worked- my coworkers were great and since work was insane, the day flew right by. mike and i decided i really need an actual coat, rather than just jackets. see, i have this love affair with jackets, but a severe loathing for coats. i hate them. they're so... blah. and expensive! i get bored so easily i can't imagine committing to a coat for years- ahh! the horror. so for years now, i've never kept one. i've bought a dozen. and returned them all. we committed to drive to the mall to try a few on, and of course, hit massive traffic so we spent a little time at the mall to window shop, then we drove back (slowly. no coat in hand), trying to get to our ward party. (we were only an hour late;) we slid in just in time for elle to be thrown on the stage for an impromptu caroling performance with the other kids. then we said hi to a few friends and headed home for bed. and that was that.

saturday we went to annapolis to enjoy the sunny but crisp day...
 jude's current obsession is the hulk. i can't count the times each day when he mentions being the hulk, the color green, beating someone up, or getting his hulk mask, gloves, and costume from santa. it's truly a marvel (no pun intended). also i should mention, he is genuinely terrified of any actual hulk toys that are larger than an ornament- he screams and cries, "NO! HULK MEAN! STAY AWAY!" 

we went into a comic store and the kids begged us for these blind bags (elle told me all about them- "mom, i watch people open them on youtube." #facepalm)- so we caved. jude was, of course, convinced hulk was inside. he wasn't. he cried. even though we spent 5 minutes trying to explain that we couldn't control the innards.

but his face! look at the face before he opened it- this is when he thought he was about to be the proud papa of a mini hulk...
 there were so many families matching. and a lot in pajamas? and a few women in santa coats with no bottoms. that was weird.
some photo bombs are worth sharing;)
streets are merrier when people play christmas carols. ^^

also, the iron rooster! remember that place? mmm... we almost went back. so tempting.
 we stopped for crepes at sofi's, then ran around to get wiggles out before having the great idea to go to trader joe's (DUMB) & the mall (DUMBER). we only spent an hour trying to find parking. 
annapolis has a great mall though. plus malls during the holidays are the greatest and the worst all at the same time. speaking of... have i mentioned how much i love amazon prime? 
other items of noteworthiness: 1) homemade presents from my sweet husband & kids, including this heartand 2) jude on sunday morning- he decided to get himself ready for church...
thankfully he was willing to let us adjust slightly before leaving the house. by "adjust slightly" i mean add pants on top of his ninja turtle undies. we also managed to get him to change out of his hulk shirt for a short while.

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