exploring great falls...

great falls was a massive cha-ching off the bucket list. mostly because we have literally attempted to go here half-a-dozen times in the past 6 months, and they were either closed due to crowds, the weather turned, the traffic time tripled so we turned around, and so forth (i just realized i like saying "and so forth"). i was sure we'd never make it. saturday morning i was rising from the ashes of the cold that nearly killed me- a rare breed that actually caused me to work from home 3 days in a row (side note: i have never in my life taken a sick day); i was kicked out daily by fearful coworkers who yelled at me from outside my office to go home along with my contagion. let's be honest though- i would have rather been at work because as we all know, being home sick when you're a mom is, like, the pitts. elle was home sick, too, and jude was recovered mostly, but also mostly turd-like and two, so he was a handful, too. mike somehow came out unscathed, but rather tired of us sicklies, so clearly by saturday morning we all needed a break. at 8am it hit me that we could maybe go before the visitors center opened and, by george, we made it! and it was free! $10 saved. bam! 

ok, it was really windy and cold, but that's ok. 
speaking of cold- there were kayakers... that's just crazy! kayakers!?
we drove to the virginia side and meandered our way through mclean. mike googled all the people who lived in mclean (i knew it was stupidly expensive, but the houses we passed were outrageously huge- WOW!!!). very interesting. you know- senators, politicians, chocolate company execs.

i imagined more of a hike to get to the actual falls, but no! there it was! right next to the parking lot! there were 3 overlooks, and we just kept saying, "how are we this close to home?" the fact that we were miles from dc makes me shake my head. crazy. and it looked just like the pictures! i love when that happens. 
we kind of regretted not making it there 2 weeks ago- i can only imagine what the leaves would have been like! but now it's almost thanksgiving (!!!!)... meaning it's almost christmas... meaning it's almost january... so i'll take whatever pretty fall foliage i can still cling to. 

great falls: two thumbs up.

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