disney world, 2015! | part 3

2 days of pictures in this baby. hang on.

first, plug: the best part of disney world- in my opinion- is disney resorts. staying at a disney hotel is worth it 100% of the time. the perks to staying on disney property are overwhelmingly in your favor, particularly if you have little kids and don't want to spend all day at the theme parks. free transportation, extra park hours, and endless entertainment without leaving the bubble that is disney... plus you get to eat wherever you want (for free), i mean, hello? awesome.  just thought i'd start with that little thought:)

epcot is one of our favorite parks, but it's a harder park with kids because there's not as much for small people to do. we planned on spending the morning hanging at epcot, then doing our normal exploration/swimming for the hottest part of the day...
jude was too scared to approach pluto, so elle had him all to herself.  pluto fancied her pigtails.
 nemo was apparently jude's favorite ride of the whole trip! he keeps reminding me. 
we rode memo a few times before apparently heading back to the hotel? not sure. i have a massive photo gap, so i'm assuming there was people-meltage at this point of the day (have i mentioned? 103 with the heat index?)... 

but back at the hotel! we surprised jude and walked over to the art of animation- it's what's on the other side of the lake that i lapped a thousand times this trip. jude's been on a serious 'cars' kick (we got him the cutest lightning mcqueen slipper, which rarely leave his feet); he was uber stoked to see the real deal. and i'll give disney this- that resort is INCREDIBLE!!!! we've been around the art of animation a few times over the years since it first opened, and that walk never gets old. 
(it also never cools off. it's always a thousand degrees over when we visit!)
 in addition to 'cars,' there's also nods to 'finding nemo,' 'the little mermaid,' and 'the lion king.' 
no detail is spared...
 swims, and then naps & chicken nuggets while jude sleeps in the stroller, and then there was this moment ( ^^ ) which made me laugh a lot. although it was actually pretty brilliant. thank you to our asian friends for the inspiration- they're well beyond us in sun smarts, too.

later in the afternoon we went back to epcot for more food in france, and a couple more rides. i also posted this video which brings the biggest smile to my face whenever i watch:)
 ^^ look past the wording to enjoy the faces of mike & elle:)
^^ one of my favorite memories of the whole trip was this evening- there was a breeze cutting through the hot, wet air, and both kids were just holding my hands, singing and dancing. the sun was starting to set, and there was music from the countries playing as we walked around epcot. it didn't last long, but it was one of those perfect little moments in time.

then we decided to skip fireworks and head back to the hotel. except the kids got distracted...
we found this little nook, and elle & jude refused to leave; it was totally invisible in the daytime, but at night the lights swirled and danced and looked extra magical. we spent an hour there while elle and jude's imaginations played every game imaginable. we were alone for the first bit, before more crazy kids came and rained on our dancing parade:)

the next day! 
our usual breakfast by the pool. always a fave. i dream of these waffles.
 post-waffles we spent the morning at hollywood studios...
 the whole gang!
 we b-lined for toy story mania- it's a ride we have never done because the line is always forever long. we literally ran here when the park opened, and still waited 30 minutes. 
it was aaawwwesome! we loved it!
the disney jr. stage show is always a hit. 
 later that night mike & i snuck away for a couple hours to grab some dinner. we went back to the magic kingdom for some solo rides on big thunder mountain, and ate dinner at pecos bill (another first)- it was super yummy! ironically i heard that they announced a revamped menu a few days ago! how ironic. either way, it was yummy. and a good break from the typical fried fare.  plus you can have unlimited pickles, soooo... that's cool;)

after dinner we rode the boat to the (new) polynesian. it has changed so much in the last year! the beach is nearly wiped out due to those littles schmancy beach hoggies the "bungalows." 
that beach was one of our most favorite places to sneak away- i loved it as a kid (my parents would let me go off and explore alone when i was a teenager); it was a place where i'd come and cry as i swung in the hammocks as i was deciding whether or not to keep doing the college program, and it was a place we took the kids to each year for a visit (like here! or here! *sigh*). we stayed there once pre-babies just before a cruise and it was amaaaaazing. oh, and they have the coolest view of the fireworks. c'mon, polynesian!! your loyal fans are heartbroken!
and there you have it. thumbs up.


  1. SO MUCH FUN! I'm glad you finally did Toy Story Mania. That's mine and Brett's fave! I seriously can't wait for a few more years to pass by...so my kids are the right ages, so that I can finally do this free food deal at Disneyworld!

  2. Testing. Let me know if this works...


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