disney world, 2015! | part 2

there is so much i love about the animal kingdom- it's usually more quiet in the mornings than the other parks, and there is so much shade! we took the bus and were there when they opened; we headed straight to dinoland for some rides...
we rode around in our dinosaur on triceritop spin 3 consecutive times while there was no line, and jude yelled at me for trying to control the height while he yelled, "gid-up cowboys! JUDE FLY DINO-SOR!!" (because he still speaks in third person and it's fantastic).
elle hates loud noises- any and all of them- toilets, fireworks, loud rides, her brother... she's usually covering her ears through most everything. somehow though, she has no fear of the actual rides... like expedition everest. which she and mike rode twice while there was no wait (by the time we left the park it was 2 hours long)... 
you can see mike about 5 rows back. elle is likely laying in his lap, screaming:)
then it was time for my favorite- kali river rapids.
poor jude. the kid hates getting wet unexpectedly- washing his hair in the bathtub is like, a major feat. we knew he would hate this ride, but he was just barely tall enough and since we were sitter-less and too lazy to do the ride swap, we took him with us. 
he was so angry!!!!!!!!
we were drenched, and he reminded us multiple times "no water-side! no wet, mommy! jude NO WIKE!"
cure all: mickey ice cream sandwiches. 
the lines for the safari were getting long, so we took the train to the conservation station instead. it's so underrated! when i worked at disney years ago i remember coming here with friends and i swear they ate bugs at some exhibit? i may have made that up though. doesn't seem very conservation-ish to me. 
elle was freezing from being wet so she sat in the sun like a cat. then it was petting zoo time!
just before this goat started to pee. elle & jude just stared in a state of mass confusion.
the kids earned wilderness explorer badges, and collected these sweet books that were actually super impressive. 
then it was time for lunch. might i remind you how much i love free food? and the honey chicken at yak & yedi is awesome! 
by this time the park was getting super busy, so we headed back for a walk (nap), then swimming time to try and cool off (it was well over 100 with the heat index- gag).
my parents hung out with the kids at the hotel (bubble guns!), while mike and i took off for an epcot date. we realized on the bus that we had fast passes for soarin', so we literally sprinted from the bus stop all the way to the ride- we made it in 6 minutes, with 1 minute to spare. go us! and then we ate because the food at the land is ahhh-mazing (and in this case, super carb-loaded. we only selected the highlights for this dining pit stop;) !
 we rode test track as single riders, which meant we had a 5 minute wait instead of a 70 minute wait (!?!?!)- actually, somehow we ended up sitting together anyway. so we rode again. 

mike's ride faces are my fave.
a few selfies later, including hilarious talk about selfies, and then it was time for more food! off to france we go...
the boulangerie in france is epic. we ate there at least 5 times this week. 
then we walked around the countries like little lovebirds.
a little more strolling, resting of sore feet, then back to the hotel for yet another walk and some much enjoyed sleep while the babies had a sleepover with nana & papa. 

best day of the whole trip!! :)

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