country meets city: family in nyc, part 1

i feel like i should take a moment to point out that SEVEN people got up, ready, packed, and out the door by 7am. (6:57 to be exact, and remember: 1 bathroom!) isn't that impressive? we headed out early to try and avoid as much friday morning traffic as possible, and i'm pleased to say we were mostly successful! we pulled into the city at 11:00 on the dot- right on time! i love being on time. no one hyperventilated while we made our way through town, and i didn't hit anyone or get hit in the rental car! i made parking reservations in advance ($65 for 27 hours is a steal compared to $180 at the hotel)- we dropped off the van then headed to our hotel a few blocks away.

speaking of hotels- mike and i are creatures of habit. we love certain parts of manhattan (and generally speaking, midtown is not one of them), but i found a great deal at the new york marriott marquis for mike's family, and we used our marriott points- it was a splurge, but totally worth it. i was hesitant, but we knew they wanted to be in the midst of the action, and i really wanted to see the elevators (ahem, ele-coasters) in-person...
our rooms were on the 28th & 31st floors. (not for the faint of heart.) their view was of times square, and we were looking out west (perfect to people watch!). 
we forgot to warn them that nyc isn't as quiet as the country at night:)
then we headed out to explore!
please take note for later: midtown sidewalks ^^
mike played celebrity. he ran down the street like this as i took pictures, yelling, "go away paparazzi!" thinking he was hilarious. 
it was kind of funny.
the kids were obsessed with pointing out and drawing the attention of the super creepy elmos, elsas, annas, superman, hello kitty, batman, woody, and naked cowboy. 
next, we took the subway uptown to lincoln center to see the temple, then walked to gray's for lunch...
and now, sidewalks uptown ^^
ahh, so much better.

oh! and finally, they showed faces that didn't express sheer terror. smiles!! it took a couple of hours though...  ;)
starbucks cocoa, a potty break, and magnolia bakery to-go, then we were off to central park...
jude got sprinkles up his nose. we found them later.
also, trees and leaves! and green space! the kids ran around and then we were off to see more of central park...

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  1. The picture of Elle sitting at the counter! Oh my, I love that little model! I love seeing your adventures in New York!


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