disney world, 2015! | part 1

it's officially a tradition after 4 consecutive years, don't you think? 
once again, disney world was made possible thanks to free dining and free flying! we rolled the trip into multiple celebrations, per the norm, including elle's birthday present/party + a visit with family (my parents met us in orlando), and after having a blast in the blast furnace that is florida in september, we're back! 
  we flew out of reagan which is right in the heart of dc- the good news is it's on the metro line, the bad news is it's in the heart of dc. parking would have been $200, and uber and taxi options weren't much cheaper. we were left with 1 option: walk to the metro, then take the train to the airport. it cost $25 total, and made for the most hilarious scene- 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 stroller, 2 car seats, 2 backpacks, 2 bags. rollin' through town. i mean, we could have asked someone for a ride, but that seemed super inconvenient, plus we would have needed someone with a van since there are 4 of us. we prepped, packed light, and loaded up ourselves for the scorching mid-day walk. our flight was delayed, but the kids were champs! while we waited, we shared the yummiest pizza, which ended up being the only money we spent on food the entire trip! $9.50 for 8 days. sweet!!! 

we landed, met my parents, and picked up our "magic van" (another tradition), then went straight to our room because disney is amazing and our magic bands let us right in without checking in. 
i love you, disney! 
some awesome presents from nana & papa were waiting, and finally we all passed out just before midnight...
early the next morning we had breakfast reservations at be our guest, which let us into the park just before the crowds. it is so fun to be on main street with pretty much no one! and you get to watch as the people pile in. which is kind of daunting, actually.
after breakfast we went on any and all rides with little wait times. because who wants to spend all day in line? 
jude is so tall he was able to go on rides he would never have chosen, as well as rides he hated with all his being, but that's ok. he's resilient. and i'm a pansy so i figure if i can do it, he can, too. there were a couple he was spared from... 
he played with nana's water bottle while sis & dad went on splash mountain which was just fine with me, him, and nana.
jude zonked out on the way back to the hotel, so we spent our first of many afternoons lapping the lake next to the hotel while he slept. i cannot count how many miles were walked this week. i shutter at the thought;) 
(buuuuut, it was the only thing that let me rationalize all that ice cream and fried food [finally! after weeks of no sugar and junk food!], so it was worth it in my book. plus, a kid that naps in-motion? ye shall ne'er hear me complain about that awesomeness.)
then back to the magic kingdom for more fun...
jude loves himself some "buzz-buzz."
and after meeting buzz we went back to our stroller to find ourselves a balloon! that we didn't buy! but we took. because it was tied to our stroller (clearly marked with a stellar neon yellow shoelace and luggage tag)- fair game. that stinking balloon was the cause of more joy and pain for days until mike "accidentally" left it by our elevator for an hour hoping until another excited-but-soon-to-be-irritated parent/child found it for their taking.  pass it on.  that's what i say.
and that's all i can handle for now because, well, laundry volume for 4 people after 8 days in sweltering heat is no joke. 


  1. Love this! Jude's face in the last picture makes it worth every penny and drop of sweat, right? So tell me about this breakfast. Is it a character thing? Does it come with the meal plan?

    1. Oh, yes! Be Our Guest uses quick service credits for breakfast- which is what we had (the most basic dining plan). Basically anything that doesn't require a sit-down menu is quick service (at Be Our Guest you order when you walk in at an electronic kiosk), so voila! Free food. You get an entree and drink for breakfast, and an entree, drink and dessert for lunch and dinner. You use them whenever and however you want. Our total for breakfast entrees and drinks would have been $100... OUCH.


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