an annapolis harbor cruise & labor day...

labor day was perfect! perfect! mostly because it's a couple days later and the not as-perfect parts have fallen by the wayside, leaving only the best of memories. that's the best part about time.

we woke up early (not by choice, but such is life), and rather than waiting until after jude's nap to go out, we risked it and took off right away. we headed to annapolis when there was no traffic (!!!) and the weather was still warm but not hot (pre-95 and sweltering).  we watched fisherman catch crabs by the water and and we meandered around. we're trying not to eat sugar for 3 weeks, so we avoided the homemade ice cream and chocolate shops open at 9am (yes, please), and somehow i salvaged what little willpower i have to walk by the crepe shop without stopping. (!!!, again!)
 the streets in/around dock street are the very definition of dreamy. the most charming combination of a beachy cape cod town, perfect cottages like the ones i remember as a kid in the hills above the la jolla cove, mixed in with the streets of london- seriously, all these magically, colorful, picturesque places in one! the people all carried their coffee cups as they walked their pretty dogs. and they also said,  "excuse me" and "thank you" as we all passed each other on the narrow brick sidewalks- ha! imagine that! manners! it was delightful.
 look at the combo!! ^^ 
vines above the mini next to the yellow house with flags and planter boxes? i can't handle the amazingness.
(ironically i was just looking up home prices near the waterfront and this one ^^ is for sale! go figure.)
i'm still singing, "sittin' on the dock of the bay..."
watermark cruises was kind enough to give us tickets to take a ride on the harbor queen, and no joke, it was the best thing we've done since we moved here! i cannot recommend this ride highly enough.

we were first in line to get our tickets, and then first to board the boat, just so elle could get the seat she spotted a mile away.
 captain chuck let jude help him with the safety demonstration- jude was loving it until people started cheering and clapping and he got super embarrassed, burst into tears, and screamed in horror at the top of his lungs as he buried his life-vested body into my legs:)
^^ i feel like their faces remind me of those kids in the old paintings we love at the art museum. they have the same glazed tone of awkwardness/staring into space/getting ready for a massive burst of energy which will include slapping the nearest person.
 literally- i can't explain the beauty. cameras do no justice. imagine 80 degrees, sunshine, and the wind coming off the water. dozens of pristine boats sailing around us while we learned about the naval academy and waterways. we were on board just long enough to thoroughly enjoy ourselves and repeat, "this is the best!" but not so long as to get grumpy kids. plus it was loud, so for once i wasn't embarrassed by my kids inability to talk in a quiet voice! heaven!
after our ship docked we walked a bit more downtown, window shopped, and then stopped to share a salad and our usual nino quesadillas at cafe rio (the only meal we can all eat for less than ten bucks). we headed home in late-afternoon, just in time for jude, elle, and mike to all fall asleep as i drove. we swam in our pool until the sun went down, and thanked our lucky stars for the awesomeness that was labor day 2015.

thanks again to watermark for giving us the best day of summer on the last day of summer!

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