one of these things is not like the other...

my mom sent me one of the above photos and i was entirely confused until i looked at the car seat and realized that little sleeping person was me! 

there was this post where i swear elle looked just like my dad's side of the family. 
and this other time when jude looked just like me as a baby, but now this!

as jude has gotten older i don't feel like he looks anything like me, and assume he resembled mike as a child, but hullo!? this is plain weird. it has to be the sleeping element that makes us twins, because when we're awake i must have been more angelic of a toddler;) this kid gives us a run for our money... 

(also why i have so many sleeping pictures of him: he's so peaceful and cherub-like when he's asleep:)

*i also think all of these were from vacations, which is apparently the only time i'm ever awake before him, and/or see him sleeping on-the-go. in our normal life it's usually DARK when he wake up, making the taking of sleeping photos challenging. 


  1. That is crazy! I looked at it for a good minute trying to figure out what was up with the car seat and still didn't know that wasn't Jude.

  2. It's even weirder when you see them all together!


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