dc duck tour!

so exciting. soooo exciting! i've wanted to do a duck tour since i was a little kid- a carboat?! how cool is that!? (did you know these puppies have been around since the 40's?) the awesome folks at historic tours of america gave us tickets for our inaugural (quack quack) tour-o-dc, and we couldn't have been more stoked. it probably would have been wise to wait for a day that wasn't 95 and sunny (will fall ever come??), but we were so anxious we braved the blazing heat all for the sake of tourism. starting point: union station.
 elle was most excited about climbing the ladder into our duck, but really, i don't blame her- it was pretty cool. 
the kids fought over window seats until they realized it was in the direct sunshine, so then they then fought over aisle seats, before finally just ending up in each of our laps.
 we're watching as the national museum of african american history goes up. did you know buildings in dc can only be a certain height, so they go down instead of up? this one was like 1/3 in the ground! (don't trust my figures- i'm terrible at retaining information.) 
 i liked that captain bucky would count us down, "take your pictures in 3, 2, 1!" *clickclickclickclickclick* 
white house.
 aaarrrrrrrlington that-a way ^^
... and here we go! into the water!
^^ the pentagon!
 ^^and hey, back behind that retaining wall/dam (i have no idea what it's called) is the tidal basin where we just were a week before, also sweating to death in a boat-ish vehicle.
 and the best part of the tour: the kids got to drive the duck!
 the second best part: quack attacks!
 we stopped for 15 minutes right under the reagan flight path, duck whistles in-hand, and waited......... planes fly overhead constantly, but nothing! finally someone called out, "um, the faa has halted all planes from landing- miami to new york!" i'm not going to lie- the first thing i thought was, 'oh my gosh, there's a terrorist attack and we're on a duck boat.' thank goodness it was only a air traffic control glitch.  :)  that would've been a story for the grandkids though.
90 minutes later we were back at union station- such an awesome trip!
i should also add- union station has a lot of great food (a lot of sketchiness as well, but a lot of great food)! 
i must also announce publicly that after 3 strikes, shake shack is officially out (one, two, and this was three). i'm sorry. i'm sorry. 
actually i'm not. let's call it like it is: i'm not a shake shack fan. (give me in-n-out any day.) shake shack- there's just too much garlic, unformed patties that remind me of steak-n-shake (that's another story for another day), and it's pricey! even the crinkle fries can't sway me. heartbreaking. for good measure we also tried a hot dog and peach lemonade, but alas- i am firm in my three-strike ways.
thanks again to our duck tour friends and captain bucky for a great afternoon! 
(and thanks shake shack for the great memories.) 
until we meet again.

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