theodore roosevelt island...

 yesterday afternoon we had a little time before going to some friends' house for dinner, so we made our way to theodore roosevelt island- it's this gem of an island in the potomac, right downtown. the island is super close to georgetown (which i think may be my favorite part of dc we've seen thus far! can't wait to explore more soon...)- a great little area. parking was free, and there were miles of hiking once you crossed the bridge to the island itself. i sure wish we had the ability to kayak, row, or paddle board because it would be perfect! alas, we have small people who would likely make that experience less than stellar, so we'll just walk around for now:)
when it's blindingly sunny, 92 degrees, and about 92% humidity, this is what you get. warm, sticky, squinty people.
^^ jude hair. all day. everyday.
i was kind of surprised that this wasn't more well-known- everyone i talk to isn't familiar with the area! that being said, i hear there is a large population of ticks calling this place home (my gosh, there are so many in general here), so i'm mildly terrified to go off the beaten path... but we definitely will be back when it cools down a bit. we made it approximately 50 feet before we decided we will come back later in the year- can you imagine fall here!? yes, please.

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