mid-summer, and elle's last weeks dressing like a free spirit during normal business hours.

yesterday i placed an order for school clothes- totally not the school shopping i imagined- but an order nonetheless. it was much less climactic than what i was imagining since i sat at my computer and clicked on as many varieties of navy and white clothes in size "slim" as i could find. clearly her backpack will be an adventure in awesomeness since the clothing portion of school shopping was severely womp-womp.

elle's new school has a very strict uniform policy that includes all-black shoes (ABSOLUTELY NO COLOR ON ANY PORTION OF THE SHOE!) and and all-black belt, 100% of the time. 
socks must be white or navy. 
only white collared shirts must tucked into elle's little navy pants (belted, as mentioned), although she can spice it up with a navy overall dress when she's feeling particularly sassy i suppose. 
no jewelry, accessories, or colored sweaters.    and no patterned tights! 
she can periodically wear a sports or team jersey to slice things up- which is really exciting because i have my old "show us your A!" shirt from my utah state days as our lone "team apparel" article of clothing. i wonder if that's acceptable? elle wears it to bed now, so it may be a bit big...

if you haven't noticed, elle is a bit of a free bird when it comes to attire. 

so basically, but this will be interesting ;)

and a few of jude, because, well, he's jude:

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