walk around the tidal basin...

i love our sunday walks. there's something so peaceful about the fact that we just walk- no pressure to do anything special or be anywhere, we just take time on sunday afternoons to be a family and explore nearby. last sunday it was time to hit the tidal basin. first up, the jefferson memorial!
i'll give this one props- i assume because of the shape, it's so breezy! compared to lincoln memorial, this one wins "best memorial with columns and lots of steps to visit on a hot summer day" award:) it was also much quieter- the whole area was. maybe it was just luck? really nice though. we even found parking that was free and easy. 
no joke- the first time in his life he uttered the words, "mommy! my pitch-urr pees!" 
we then kept going around the tidal basin. stopping to feed geese pringles along the way. 
and, yes, that is sweat on my poor son's head. 
sweat!! so much sweat!
have i mentioned? it was 91 with a thousand percent humidity? the only saving grace is the sun was hidden most of the time... it actually started to rain for about 12 seconds at this point. then stopped, tragically. but first! sweat and a dance party on the rocks.
the franklin delano roosevelt memorial was really nice! 
there was lots to see- a few pretty waterfalls, shade, lots of space, and bathrooms! bathrooms without any people! (it wouldn't be a post these days without bathroom talk. speaking of... bodies... any suggestions how to get my 2-year-old to stop screaming, "booooobieeees!" incessantly? literally, he says it on repeat constantly. it's usually sparked by seeing a girl. any girl. or guy for that matter. or a statue. or a car drive by. basically, it's what he says when he feels like talking. then he laughs hysterically at himself like it's some inside joke and he is the keeper of the punchline. i'll give him that- it's darn funny. but mostly embarrassing when we're in the middle of church. someone send help! and sorry mr. roosevelt for the poor placement of this amidst your memorial. but really. distracting him does not work. i'm sure it's a phase. let it be noted for the petersen history books that amidst all this genuine american history, jude at 2.5 ran around the places of reverence screaming, "booooobieeees!!"   classic.) 

oh! and there was this dog. with which jude had an entire conversation.
next up was the martin luther king, jr. memorial... also really pretty. with quite a view! 
another loop back around to where we started, just as the sun came out to cook the remainder of our sweaty bodies, and we slithered into the air conditioning. 

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  1. Oh i've been through the boobies phase 4 times. This too shall pass but then it's usually on to nasty bodily functions. Good luck with that.


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