the OTHER (dulles) air & space museum: the steven f. udvar-hazy center

 i keep referring to this museum as the "other" and/or "better" air & space museum. it's still a smithsonian museum (= free! minus the tolls and parking, which are most definitely not free), but it's not the same as the downtown air & space museum (yes, the one i am not a fan of). it has a really confusing name that i'm still not sure how to say- the copy and paste of said long-named museum is as follows: the steven f. udvar-hazy center/aka: dulles air and space museum/aka: gigantic hanger.

good news! the museum is awesome! there's tons to see, and it's huge so even though there were tons of people there was plenty of space to move around. the items on display were interesting and relevant, and seemed entertaining for all ages. plus there were cool bonuses like the simulator ride (which i wish mike and elle would have done, but the line was too long)! or the i-max theater (which, let's be honest, jude + movies is a bad idea at this age)! or the cool observation tower (which we just plain forgot about)!

we had a sweet hike planned for saturday, but mother nature in all her humid glory had a different plan, filled with torrential rain and yet another weather alert via text (we get them every few days here- i love getting them when i workout at night and everyone's phones go off at the same time- it's always amusing. like we're all friends on the same group text;)...    so the rain! it rained. and it didn't stop. we decided to drive to virginia to see the ____ center/museum/hanger.
we weren't alone in this idea.
we ran from timbuktu where we parked to the main entrance.

WAIT! story time: i went to target the other day and had to park on the exact opposite end of the parking lot, because, well, that's what happens at 2PM on a thursday- there is no parking. just like every other day when there is never, ever, parking. anyhoo, we headed back to the car when out of nowhere, the cart DEAD STOPPED. the kids nearly flew off it, and i proceeded to yell some random phrases, walking around the cart trying to figure out what i hit. a random guy must have heard my "chatter" and muffled, "cart. errr, too far. locked it." after 30 seconds of trying to decode his talk it hit me- the carts have sensors! locking sensors! i had gone "too far" from the store, and the cart, like an electronic dog leash, had done all but electronically shocked me. there i was. in the middle of a parking lot, with a useless, wheel-less cart, full of my people and my groceries. i had to literally d r a g it to my car. i d  r  u  g the cart to my car. because that is normal apparently. what the what!??! 

SO! the museum! parking lot was large, but totally doable with some sprinting...
 ...inside it opened up to reveal tons and tons of space! all those people filled it out nicely, and we enjoyed our trek around the museum...
 ...the red bull capsul! it was my favorite. do you remember when felix baumgartner jumped out of the sky like a crazy man!? no offense to him, but hello, crazy. i can't even handle a diving board, so free falling from outer space is about as bananas as it possibly gets.
 i cannot believe the tiny vessels people take into the sky. particularly the old ones. some people were born with much more adrenaline and gumption than moi. 
 jude made himself comfy, and elle splashed her way in the pouring rain all the way back to the car for the not-so-many-mile, 1.5 hour ride home. we capped off the day with homemade tacos. 

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  1. Haha! Target.....that's hilarious. You'll never feel the same about pushing a shopping cart through a parking lot again. It will be like a little game from now on. How far can you go?


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