beach day...

hey! there's a beach near dc!

 "going to the beach" saturday was a more haphazard idea that lacked sufficient planning- we'd debated about going, then decided not to go because of this & that, and mike has been buried in school work, blah, blah, but the kids begged and we needed a break, so we decided to just go and were in the car 6 minutes later. mid-afternoon, we headed east with some towels, ikea dishes for toys, and 1/2 a bottle of sunscreen (stupid. stupid idea. check your stock, amanda!). sandy point state park was the goal- first, siri told us the closest matches were a tanning salon, steakhouse, and salad shop, so we told her she was useless, and found it ourselves. joke was on us since we then ended up in downtown annapolis before she announced proudly, "arrived at destination!" LIES! LIES! 20 minutes later, we were there. (to the real place.) after paying our entrance fee and parking, we found a shockingly large beach filled to the brim with people and picnics and umbrellas, and the smell of sea water, outhouses, and grilling, meant we had made it! a real beach! kind of. i mean, it's only the bay, but it's connected to the ocean, there are waves and sand, and it tasted like salt water and fish feces (just guessing on the real taste of that last one), so we figure it's close enough. 

oh, and mike did know we were going to the beach, but apparently thought he would dress for the mall anyway. the guy hates sandals because he swears his feet sweat in sandals.......?? (any foot covering without socks is a hard and fast no.go. strange since the guy has never produced an ounce of sweat in the entire decade we've been married [i feel old]. really though- no sweating. it's so bizarre. no complaints though- obviously- he saves me so much time on laundry.)
 jude sat in the same spot, playing with sand- dead silent- for over an hour. i tried repeatedly to ask questions or carry on a conversation, but nothing. not a word. the kid hasn't been that quiet in who knows how long. he was mesmerized! 
let's end with a super classy shot outside the ever-consistently-terrible beach bathroom. always a disappointment. which is always surprising since the bar is set incredibly low. nonetheless, we went in said bathroom twice because i have 2 kids, and we all know they can't hold it. i'm seriously un-phased by public bathrooms with all this city travel. what a sad reality, right? (can i go a single post without talking about bathrooms? what has happened to me?) i did find spray sanitizer that smells nothing like sanitizer, and it's been a life saver in enticing my kids to clean their hands. (even though the day before, jude put chewed gum from a photo booth in his mouth. also the same photo booth he ate candy out of last month. why do we go there?? oh well. he's boosting his immune system i suppose.)

BUT! the beach. it was so awesome! we were both really caught off guard by how much we liked going. we were like glue by the time we left- we've never manned a beach with 2 tiny kids and all the sand, salt, sunscreen, and stickiness that comes along with it. as mentioned, we only had a little sunscreen left so the kids made it home just fine, but random parts of mine and mike's bodies are rather tomato-ish. in hilarious patterns, might i add. splotches on my back. a laser beam of redness all up my right thigh. super attractive. and really painful. it felt like a real beach getaway with our typical sunburn-souvineers. 

we went home and i straightaway added some things to my amazon cart, making us more legit beach-goers (you know, like a beach mat). speaking of amazon- same day delivery, people! that is insane. how is that possible? i'm never leaving my house to shop again.

can't wait to go back!

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