national museum of american history & national museum of natural history...

 have i mentioned how awesome it is that the smithsonian museums are free!? it's pretty spectacular. 
saturday we played legit tourists- we ran around in the mist (it mists here- it's not rain, but it's definitely precipitating in some fashion), just to wear jude out for an early nap. then, we took the metro downtown with our stroller, backpack, map, camera, and sunscreen, and lived it up! our only plan was to see the american history museum (but were able to throw in even more)...
 but first.   it was reeeeally hot in the sun. the shade? not so bad. we stopped mid-walk from the metro (heaven forbid we go to the smithsonian stop, but wanted to save a few bucks so we walked from l'efant plaza which is many more blocks away:) - we had some snacks under a tree to refuel before our smithsonian exploration. 
my two favorite sights were the star spangled banner & first ladies exhibit (elle agrees on that one- oh the dresses! those were some tiny little ladies! i felt like a giant next to the mannequins).
there's also this sunstone from the nauvoo lds temple in the 1840's, and dorothy's ruby slippers (which we walked by twice before finding. and hello! again, so tiny!).
 elle brought her ever-present notebook (this girl and her art!), and drew her favorite things as we went along. we eventually just stuck her in the stroller so miss arteeest could focus on the task at hand, without being trampled by tourists:)
 i read all about lincoln's waffle shop, so we trekked a mile (or 12, it felt like 12. nothing feels close in dc), and learned that apparently they close at 3:00 on saturdays. 
because that's logical.
or not.
(by the way, it was 3:12 when we got there. we have lousy timing!)
when i get past my bitterness, i think we'll try again. it's right across from ford's theater, and supposedly lincoln loved their waffles. 

starving and wilted, au bon pain was our next best option just down the block.  

after supper al fresco (my favorite way to eat), we decided to stop at the natural history museum- i'm so glad we did! it was by far my favorite museum thus far- we will definitely go back and see more! they had so many things to see, and such diversity. i felt like we were in "a night at the museum," so we watched it the next day:)
 one of my favorite sights was the underwater photography exhibit- can you believe this!? ^^
 so the butterflies. 
we saw a sign for their live butterfly exhibit, not knowing it cost money and you needed tickets, so we turned around. elle went into girl drama mode, and since it was the end of the day and we're pushovers, we decided to just get her and i a ticket to "get it over with."      no one likes a moody child when you have another mile to walk in the heat.     of course, she was thrilled and nearly peed her pants in joy before going in.   then when they started flying around (as they do) and landing on people (also as they do), she wasn't so sure the idea was wise anymore. as she was starting to hyperventilate, i saw jude through the window also having a similar meltdown because he was on that side of the glass. oh, such a glamorous life we live. most days are filled with meltdowns and whining and screaming (that last one is usually me), but overall, i sure love the adventures we're attempting:)
 a few more exhibits as we passed, including seeing some mummies! this was a little kid. which is a depressing note, but you get the point.
 oh, and that's us thinking it was funny to get a family picture by the giant bollywood lady sticker, but jude was having no part in this attempt.
then just like that, it was late. we ventured home, incredibly hot, sticky, and with sore feet, but mighty pleased! it was a total success of a saturday! 
go, team. 


  1. What's up with the temperature back there? Wasn't it freezing like 2 weeks ago?

    1. YES! it was 92 and HUMID. give me strength.


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