a quick trip to utah...

we made an incredibly quick trip to utah a million years ago (also known as early april), just after my parents left for easter. we were supposed to close on our house, but that's another story for another day. the 72-hours was a complete whirlwind- straight from the airport to take elle to see her preschool friends, jude to nana & papa's, throw in a few errands and visits, and a mass exodus of what was left in our house to sell, ship to dc, or store, and then we called it good. 

one of the highlights was a saturday morning trip up north to spend time with mike's family for a little get together at mike's grandma's old house. the kids got in some solid cousin time, and the weather was about as perfect as it can get. (best photo bomb ever, above. two thumbs up, grif!) mike and his family went through some old things, and uncovered mike's grandpa's old "oh b-goshes" (as mike calls them) and hats. and a lot of other awesome finds:) we ate some yummy bbq, pulled out the old tractor, and took some pictures of the fun...
we stopped to stock up on parson's donuts because, well, it's all about priorities.
mike and i even snuck away from my parents' house (that sounds cool, yah?) on our last night to go on a date! my mom and dad were so sweet to play with the kids so we could go out. even though we really just wanted to sleep, i'm so glad we left the house! we went to see "furious 7," where i sobbed like a baby at the end. oh, paul. he will forever be the most perfect-looking human ever to be created. oh! the tears! we joked it that this was the only guy movie with a whole bunch of chicks weeping at the end. true story.
i think we saw elle a whopping 10 minutes the whole weekend. we all spent the first night together as our last night in our old house, and spent the rest of the bittersweet time trying to soak in all that was happening. 
it's hard to even look at these pictures still... probably why i never finished this post. saying goodbye was somewhat overwhelming. our house sale has been "almost done" for almost 2 months now- we went under contract a week after we moved to dc, but due to some issues that are out of ours and our buyers' hands, it's still just stuck. so frustrating! 
saying goodbye to all our favorite places. it was all giggles and laughs until just after the below pictures were taken, and elle burst into tears. she's only cried twice about this move... this was one of those times. i hate being in the middle of anything. goodbyes are miserable. it's so much easier before and after, but in between? confusing and emotional. mike and i decided that all this drama to get the house actually sold has probably been a blessing because we went from being distraught to let it go, to just wanting to be done. 
three things sold us on building this house: the 5'x9' kitchen island, the 3rd car tandem garage, and the "play closet." the play closet is under the stairs, and is huge! you can't tell from the photos, but you go in and around, then all the way back (where elle and jude are playing). it's like an always-there fort of awesomeness. i was known to hide in there many-a-day when i was just feeling overwhelmed. it was awesome. i'll miss that little nook.
...and just like that it was done. we cleaned, locked up shop, and said goodbye to our house. (with a few more sobs and tears) we headed back "home" to dc.

we are so thankful to our family and friends who were so kind and generous with their time and hands for those 72-hours. they dropped it all to help us and we are so appreciative:)

we love you, utah!


  1. Your life via words and beautiful pictures is totally captivating! I am loving following along with your adventures back East. So sorry about the frustrating sale...our townhome was under contract for 9 months so I totally get that ready to be done thing. Hope it works out soon!

    1. NINE MONTHS!!!???!!! Bless your hearts. That is terrible! I shouldn't complain then:)


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