old town: alexandria, virginia

friday night after work i met up with a really good friend from way back in my high school days, april. she picked this awesome little spot in old town alexandria, virtue feed & grain, where we had a yummy meal and caught up (before i headed to a training to surprise one of my other favorite people just across in falls church)! april is one of those friends where you pick up right where you left off, and if you think too hard about how long it's been since you've chatted you're super embarrassed... but really, it's totally fine because you somehow just laugh it off and move on? right.

this was the first time i had been to this part of virginia- i think i texted mike a dozen pictures as i walked from my little parking spot on the street to the restaurant- alexandria completely threw me off with it's charm & beauty. it felt like a different planet! my desire to kiss the cobblestone ground may have been the result of spending 90 minutes in traffic (this was "before" rush hour, mind you), to make the little drive across town, but whatever the cause, sunday after church i convinced mike we should go retrace my steps so i could prove i wasn't crazy for falling in love... so back we went!

sunny alleys, kerosene porch & street lamps, cobblestone streets, window shutters, flower boxes, and perfect row homes for miles...
because it was sunday we just walked around outside, then had a picnic at founders park which overlooked the water. we probably saved ourselves $50 on ice cream and other various sundries by not buying anything... because it smelled like heaven on those streets. apparently every store makes their own ice cream and waffle cones because the scents floating around of fresh food made us about lose our minds! mmm.......
the waterfront was equally as charming as the streets. the green grass and open space, and the low-flying airplanes overhead! oh! the airplanes. that is a sweet flight path. we played the "guess the airline" game as they approached; i tried to not-so-subtly instill my love for travel with my kids- you know, which airlines are good for different reasons, how to fly free with points, etc. :)  
after our little picnic where elle regurgitated the last mandarin orange just for jude (so kind! he gladly accepted it, by the way), we spent another couple hours driving & driving. if we aren't around for yummy sunday dinners with family, there is no where else we would rather be! :)

*note elle's arm: elle randomly goes around and collects every hair tie she can find and slides them on her arms. she then hides them all in a "secret spot, away from jude," forgets, and we're left with 0 hair ties in the entire house when we actually need one.  ;)


  1. Holy cow, that is beautiful! Definitely on the list for places I must see. I wish we could visit there when we go to NY!!

  2. My aunt lives in Alexandria! If you ever need a family to hang out with, she is great :)


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