the national aquarium: baltimore

my favorite coworkers (aka, people i worked with in utah who really are just my best friends and for some reason i will always still call them "coworkers") gave us passes to the national aquarium as a going away present. our first full weekend here (the one not filled with unpacking), we headed up!

(side note: we sang, "good morning, baaallltimore!" about 18 times as we drove. i don't even think i've ever seen the play or movie- but man, that one line sure is catchy.)
this place does not mess around- it was incredible! there was so much to see, and there was more space than we could even explore (we did miss the jellyfish somehow- how did we miss the jellyfish!?).

all jude cared about was "mee-mo!" (nemo)  until we found dolphins playing with basketballs, at which point it was over. his heart was with those dolphins and that ball. "B-BALL!!!!" still we ask, jude, "what was your favorite part of the aquarium?"    "B-BALL!"     that kid.   the other day i asked elle what we should this weekend, and i heard jude yell from the other room, "meee-mo! b-ball!"  
apparently weekend = aquarium now:)
^^ nemo!
i loved the rainforest.  (a rainforest! in an aquarium!) 
that picture with his eyes close makes me laugh out loud every time i see it. 
we let the kids pick out souvineers- jude chose this sucker ^^ (can you guess why? duh), and elle decided she wanted slippers... slippers... 
so we walked to h&m next door because why would i ever turn down an opportunity to shop?
the area was gorgeous- right on the harbor. aaalllllso, right next to shake shack! we gave it one more go after doing some shopping around town...
yah, sorry, still not a fan. i thought nyc may have just been an off experience, but no. 
my main gripe? it is SO expensive! we ordered 2 burgers, 1 small fry, 1 small shake, and 1 small lemonade. $26! TWENTY-SIX DOLLARS! and we all left hungry because 4 of us were sharing basically 1 meal.    after waiting 40 minutes.    and sitting outside in the cold because there were no seats inside. 
shake shake... yah, i'm just not sure what the big deal is. 
someone bring me some in-n-out, stat.
all that being said, it's one of my fondest memories from that day- sitting outside trying to share a communal burger & fries, and laughing at how in the world we got here...
heading back to the parking garage, we had this moment, which reminded me of this moment... :)

i hereby call our first saturday in dc a success.
cheers, baltimore!

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