saying goodbye to utah...

in the flurry of leaving, these are some of the last little shots of our lives in utah...
eating in public with a toddler is always an interesting experience. that ^^ would be jude throwing a napkin at my face.
some freak warm weather system visited utah in january and stayed through february- it was AMAZING! amazing. salt lake felt like san diego, and man did we try to take advantage!
the above shots were moments when i literally forced myself to just walk away from life and be with my kids in those last, chaotic, stressful days. good friends of ours let us go to the natural history museum, and we made sure to hit the park as much as possible as well. 
saying goodbye to my job was probably the hardest thing i've done (next to leaving a state-full of family we love)- i was there for 7 years- longer than i've lived anywhere, let alone just worked. it wasn't really even a job. those women literally were family. some of the greatest, kindest, most influential and exemplary people i've ever met. i know they'll always be in our lives, but things will be different because they have to be. we postponed our goodbyes about 5 times, and i left the building sobbing. 
^^ from our last morning at "home."
^^ parson's just one more time (not our last day- that was a few days before); also some airport fun. we flew nonstop and brought jude's car seat, which basically was my greatest idea ever! he was confined, and did really well. when we landed mike thought we should rent a van, which then was his greatest idea ever. my wise dad had the intuition to give the kids "big hero 6" the day before (insert my dad's greatest idea ever), so the kids willingly watched dozens of times while we drove and loaded and unpacked and ikea-stocked that van constantly for the following days. 
peace out, utah.

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