arlington cemetery & 2 amy's...

 we had one day of spring break left after returning from our quick trip to nyc- it was so chilly out, but at least we had some sunshine? we decided to head to arlington cemetery.
aaaand that's jude ^^ sitting on the wall next to the sign reading, "no sitting on the wall."
 about 30 minutes we heard elle's little voice, "um... mom... i kind of am sort of, starting to have to feel like i'll maybe have to go to the bathroom soon," which means, "i'm going to pee my pants any minute." aaaaand every photo from that moment on features elle like this: 
 ^^     funniest thing ever.  *insert hysterically laughing emoji here.
of course there was... ONE bathroom (which seems a little sparse if you ask me), so we cut the rest of the visit short and migrated back to the entrance just as a million girls flooded the bathroom trailer- we made it just in time. whew! miracles! i shouldn't complain. i have two potty trained kids who can hold it in the freezing cold until we find bathrooms. 
that's one thing i miss about utah: bathrooms. i'm telling you, cities make you never complain about public restrooms- a restroom is a restroom at this point! it's a miracle if/when you find a bathroom. if there's no line, it's an even bigger miracle! if it is decently clean and the door locks? you say a prayer of gratitude- that, my friends, is the miracle of all miracles. it's also why there are so many starbucks in cities. they're the home of wifi and a single bathroom stall that's open to the public. 
oh, and coffee maybe. 
but mostly wifi and a bathroom.
 we made a really long detour on the way home for supper at 2 amy's (yes, supper- not lunch, not dinner- supper). it was heaven! i'm such a fan of neapolitan pizza- 2 amy's did not disappoint. their entire menu was amazing. we ordered the oven roasted olives and deviled eggs, too. which i adored. and the bread that came with the olives was some of the best i've ever eaten (which means a lot coming from me!). for dessert we ordered the blueberry chocolate chip ice cream... which i have dreamed about every night since. it was perfection. 
 the best part of the meal was when our darling son knocked a plate off the table. and we became those people: the ones whose kid broke something in public. it was awful- SO embarrassing! it shattered (loudly of course) into a million pieces. everyone turned and glared. our waiter was so kind and unruffled by the whole thing- bless that man. i will be forever grateful! 
ugh, JUDE!

now, let's end with jude's mischievous face, ice cream, and mike's drawing...

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