48 hours of spring break: nyc, part 2

 so, dumbo! dumbo is on the other side. (to answer my last question.) i really like dumbo. mike told me anne hathaway had a home in dumbo- but that was long after i decided i liked dumbo. i'm not even an overly-enthused anne hathaway fan, i'm just always intrigued and excited with i hear what celebs live "on the other side" in brooklyn. it's a whole different animal, brooklyn is, but i do love it quite a bit.
 first stop, the park by the promenade while we waited for juliana's to open. i'm not sure if you picked up on it, but we did a lot by 11am- i broke it into 2 posts, but really: bagels, walks, central park, subway, walked across the bridge (all in part 1), and now this! and, all of this while freezing our tails off. (we'd been through at least 3 hot chocolates by this point. i wish there was a cocoa punch pass. we'd have had a free one by dinnertime.)
elle wasn't sure she'd survive the cold.  ^^  then jude lost a shoe somewhere along the line and mike busted out the rest of a muffin to feed some birds, and magically elle was healed. at least for 10 minutes.
 about 9 minutes into our lunch mike realized we could catch the ferry if we "hurried," which basically meant to ask for the check when we were on our first slice. so with indigestion and a good sprint, we were off and running. it's a good thing though, we barely made it on board:) 
 the rest of the day i have no pictures from my camera (i think the battery died?)- we walked from the midtown ferry stop for a mile or two, across to mood. elle was thoroughly disappointed when she learned that heidi & tim weren't there. so we left. 
the elevator though- oh! the elevator up to mood gets 2 thumbs up though for entertainments sake.  
so then we walked more (mike was lapping anyway because grumpy jude finally fell asleep in the stroller, so you just keep walking when that happens. no. stopping.); we got cookies the size of our heads (larger than our heads, really. they weren't good though- i hate when that happens. we did try a black & white though- i feel like i need to educate myself on black & white cookies). we walked more. carried jude more. ended up back at our hotel. OH! that night elle and i went to see "cinderella" because jude had had it with being in public and acting like a decent human. so mike kept him inside, with the exception of going to get grilled cheese a food truck he swears was on shark tank. after the movie elle and i shoe-shopped and i scored some hasbeens on a crazy sale- i am starting a collection of wooden shoes apparently? i like being quiet when i walk on tiled surfaces... or not
the weather finally was tolerable by 9pm. not that it did us much good by then...

the next day jude had the worst meltdown of his life. to the point where i walked out of the hotel room twice. then i didn't know where to go because i had no shoes on and it was raining. so then, i locked myself in the bathroom. but someone had to go to the bathroom, so i left again. i think at some point we kicked him out of the hotel room? really, we had no idea what to do- he was SO loud and destructive- it was terrible. bless our neighbors at 7am- oh, the screaming! 
we finally made it out the door and went back to pick-a-bagel. immediately thereafter, back to magnolia bakery for more banana pudding. which seems fine at 8am, yes? 
after bagels, over to central park again...
elle was mad because destructo jude destroyed each castle she built. check out their faces. pure anger/hurt on her, and sheer determination and annihilation on him...
then, just like a sour patch kid, he's sweet a minute later. ^^ 
^^ "NO!" as in "NO HELP!" 
^^ elle making friends at the park. i love park friends. they come into your life so quickly, and exit just as quickly. at least, i love it when that happens:)
meanwhile, mike was the squirrel whisperer. ^^ 
more deja vu from here & here, and after seriously sore shoulders, we were off for lunch before hitting the road...
we walked many more blocks to gray's papaya for lunch. mike was overwhelmed by the lack of menu, so apparently he just ordered what he heard the guy in front of him order, "the special," which was 2 hot dogs and a small drink. so 2 blocks later when we'd eaten all the hot dogs, he went back for another "special" so we could each have one... but we didn't, because somehow elle ate 1.5 herself, and jude ate another one after he woke up from a nap and felt extremely irritated we'd ignored him... he also managed to find the diet coke and drink that all without us knowing... ugh. hot mess. we were hungry, but no one wants to go back a third time. either way? great trip. great, great great trip. 
and seriously good hot dogs.
i heart you, new york, you heart thief, you.

part 1 here, and more nyc here.

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