welcome to new york...

*january internet silence, over and out.*

kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats
everybody here wanted something more
searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before
and it said
welcome to new york
it’s been waiting for you...

we decided on a last-minute trip to nyc, and thanks to credit card work-age (my second favorite hobby), it was all pretty much free. it's been a rough while, so we basically collapsed from joy when we plopped down on those sticky, germ-filled leather airplane seats, as we offered another prayer of immense gratitude for wonderful grandparents who tended our babies while mike and i literally, ran away.
 aaaaaand so begins the weekend-o-a-thousand-cups-o-cocoa! 
and selfies! 
and a disastrous mix of phone & camera photos!
we flew into newark (DIRECT! DIRECT! NO STOPS! talk about a splurge of miles, and man was it worth it. we only had 72 hours so we made it as efficient as possible), then took the train into the city- way cheaper than a cab, and a fun little adventure. it's been too long since we visited. it gets better each time. and didn't smell nearly as bad this time around- have they been working on that? good job, nyc!

after dropping our bags at the hotel we headed straight to tribeca for some dinner. but the place was closed for the week... and everything else was closed for the night. (hello!? it was 6:30! i thought this was the city that never sleeps? they may never sleep, but apparently they don't eat either.) plan b? head to chelsea market & the high line (which mind you, was also closed! heeeellllo again!?).
we got to-go at rana in chelsea market- it was incredible. the owner was giving out samples of spinach and ricotta ravioli- which is what we ended up ordering. we grabbed a table, and while i waited for mike to get a snapple (wait: what happened to snapple!? snapple drinks are everywhere in manhattan- i swear they disappered from my memory in, like, middle school!? well, they're alive and kickin' in the city...), this random family asked, "do you need these chairs?" 
i replied, "only 1 for my husband!" and they proceeded to just sit down all around me- 
as in, me + their 5-person family at my table. mind you, it was a rather tiny (dirty) side table. hilarious. and a bit odd. they also used my napkins without asking. basically i just giggled the whole time. you know, a good, awkward giggle.   ^^
after a long meander around the market, we left to walk more.    walk & walk & walk.   we ended up in times square...
the next day we were ready for it: the rain. 
100% chance of rain, without any wavering. 
meteorologists in ny know their stuff. weather is like .0576% accurate everywhere else, but nyc? 100%. 
it poooooouuuuurrred all day. it actually started with this sweet east coast ice glaze- it was like walking on pure ice! we enjoyed church soaking wet, but it was seriously incredible. i haven't been to the building since the manhattan temple was dedicated, so that was really neat as well. we also did a lot of not as sabbath-worthy events, like eating-out a lot. absolute bagels (not as good as i expected- i have very high bagel expectations), levain (great cocoa, but the cookie kind of tasted like when chocolate seizes, or melts then re-hardens? meh, slight disappointment), plus more yummy goodies i'll get to soon i'm sure...
i learned some valuable lessons- 1) my not-so-warm-jacket picks up every nearby scent. on the subway, that is not a good thing. we called this day "sauerkraut sunday" because rather than fish & chips, tortillas, or beer, this day: sauerkraut. and i smelled like sauerkraut plus wet dog from all the rain, alllldaylong.   lucky mike! 

next, we headed to brooklyn to meet up with some friends- two of the best people i think i've ever known. they made us the tastiest lunch, and gave us the greatest tour of brooklyn, ever (FROM A VAN! NOT THE RAINY, WET SIDEWALKS!). they also happen to live in the most charming brownstone on the most beautiful street, which i would have stood on and stared at for hours if it wasn't so wet outside.

we headed back into the city to try to win tickets to the "wicked" lottery. i have the worst luck ever, so naturally, we didn't win. we also were completely drenched (again) by this point from running through the city to get to the lottery on time. tired, and getting a bit grouchy, we decided to splurge and buy the cheapest tickets to the show. we took a break for more chocolate at caffe bene (cocoa & some incredible waffle covered in chocolate thing?), which helped our moods immensely. we also just sat and decompressed for a while.
oh! we also saw hugh jackman. mike was stoked.    so were our moms.
mike ate an entire package of twizzlers (we're on one sweet eating-crappy roll, right?), and we took about 100 pictures of us making ridiculous faces before it started. 

"wicked" was of course amazing, just like everyone told us it was. 

once we were back we did the most normal thing one could do- snooped around the hotel and had our own dance parties in the small corridors.
the remaining 50% of our trip is coming soon. 

and thanks to tay-tay (as elle calls her, fondly) for the inspirational lyrics

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  1. Sheesh...it's about time. I've been waiting all month for a post. This one was worth the wait. I think I've mentioned before that I live vicariously through you with all your travel. So I say you should totally move there (temporarily) then I can have a real adventure of my own and come visit you.


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