halloween 2014

^^ ta-daaa! the petersens do halloween, 2014.
and oh, yes, mike outdid himself this year (compared to this & this, i wasn't sure that was even possible.)

now, to backup, this is how the week went. (by no means is this a condensed version of the week.)
first up was our chili cook-off & costume parade at church (short & sweet). i also learned jude's costume would need serious reinforcement if it was going to last through our week-long season (or through taking pictures- it was destroyed by the time we were all dressed and getting in the car).
 it's tradition to go to my parent's ward trunk-or-treat, so the following night, that's where we went!
 elle decided she wanted to play this "game" before she saw what it was. when they told her it was a race to eat a donut off a string she looked at me with these pathetic eyes of horror, 'they want me to do what? am i am animal!?!' she gave it an honest effort, but her delicate and minuscule eating habits were no match for a food race of this caliber.
 ^^ jumping spider.   normally not cute, unless the spider is a jude.
one car in particular was maybe the coolest thing i've ever seen. they had a literal pirate mast out their sunroof (can you see it?), and the hatchback was decorated just like a pirate ship. very impressive- and i've seen a lot of decorated cars in my day. jude ran back to it all night.
the next day after church we had my parents over for a spooky halloween dinner.
jude is obsessed with mandarin oranges and halloween decorations. he ran around for an hour, clutching this orange cup, and petting our skeleton in the yard. such a hilarious age- this stuff balances out the loud little beast he is in public.    :)
i think before pinterest our halloween dinner consisted of orange-colored food and some hanging bats if we were lucky.     i'm not sure which i prefer:) either way, i'm about as lazy as they get (and getting lazier by the day), so this was decently impressive all things considered:)

mike would eat bean dip each day if he could. to stay on his good side i periodically make it.
the simple things, i tell you.
my mom brought an impressive cemetery cake, skeleton, and drinks.
elle's decorations can't be beat- this girl can draw! she whipped it up (cutting included) in less than 5 minutes. she certainly does not get an ounce of artistic talent from moi, that's for sure. next year, she's in charge of food- i think it would be a whole lot prettier than what i make!
 hey! we made it!   halloween day!!

mike's sisters and their families came down after school on halloween, and since our neighborhood of a million houses lacks in yard size, it in turn rocks when it comes to trick-or-treating! you could literally stay out all night, and never stop. it's endless- an endless heavenly haven of sugar.

the weather couldn't have been better. elle's witch costume came and was perfect. mike already won his work costume contest with his hot-glue-gun-burned-fingers and $30 in yarn cousin itt costume, so he was feelin' awesome. might i add, he couldn't see or hear a darn thing, so he was utterly useless and needed a constant play-by-play of what was happening, but jude sat in his stroller 99% of the time so who cares really. plus it made for the most entertaining sight ever. mike's mom & her hubby were santa & mrs. claus, and handed out candy canes while we walked- genius. they clearly caused quite the scene all night, so between them with the paparazzi, and mike with his constantly getting stuck in trees and walking into parked cars, we didn't get too far in the couple hours we were out:) we laughed hysterically all night, and finished off with elle and her best cousin buddy, kennedy, sitting on the curb in pj's yelling, "caaaa-andy! get your candy!!" while kids ran all over the place and jude ran in circles screaming at the top of his sugar-filled lungs (he ate at least 9 dum dums, and managed to eat the candy and wrappers from approximately 4 more unknown varieties. he did more-so bartering of candy at the doors he did visit. he refused to use his candy bag, and opted to carrying each piece of candy, chucking into the grass the ones he didn't want).

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