a few new things of mediocre noteworthiness...

 for a few things in no apparent order:

1) it's november!

2) new blog layout! it's about time. the photo blog got a matching facelift. ahhh, it's nice to feel change. i craaaave change!

3) elle has once again passed a stage where i feel like she's aged years in just a few days/weeks months. i don't understand it. i also feel old. i'm in my final weeks as a twenty-something, and i feel like this is quite a hard pill to swallow! i'm aging. and my kids are too.     someone help me!!
4) mike's grandma passed away a few weeks ago and her funeral fell on the most beautiful fall day. the sunshine and cool air just made me smile- his sweet grandma would have loved it. also, those boys of mine are really cute.
5)  so, it was apparently just halloween. more to come on said holiday, but in the mean time, that picture ^^ makes me laugh. jude destroyed his spider costume before we even left the house for party 1 of 5. i reinforced it the next day and we've been in business ever since. elle was also multi-purposing this year as both anna & a witch. 
6-9ish) someday i'll miss those dark, early morning hours that start with little people rising at 6am. jude pounds on the wall, waiting impatiently and demanding a bottle. he still doesn't speak much, but is potty trained, so who cares about the speaking, really. (maybe that should be #7? i mean, i'm stoked about that. potty trained!!!) elle realizes there's morning commotion and enters, demanding cereal. jude also demands his spot by me in bed. no one can take that spot or it's trouble. also noteworthy (#8) is jude's hair. i want you to know that i deliberately leave it like that daily. you can't make this stuff up, people! it makes my heart so happy to see that hair. oh, and let's throw in #9 while we're at: fall (also tied to #1 i suppose). we kicked on our heat for the first time a couple days ago when the house hit 62. 62 is cold enough. i swear when the heat kicks on for the first time, the scent of christmas candles and thanksgiving dinner and pine trees come through the vents as well. how does that happen!? magic, that's all there is to it.      welcome to the year, november.

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