memory grove park

 we met up with some friends at memory grove park downtown- i forget how beautiful it is there in the fall. we've never ventured far, but this time, we went a little deeper along the path. elle loved throwing rocks into the creek... jude liked anything that made me nervous. so i just kept feeding him in hopes that he wouldn't run off/up/down any embankments. you know how it goes. i'm not sure how anyone with a small toddler "hikes" or does anything of the sort without being a nervous wreck every second they are out. not to mention, my kids inherited my "lack of grace" gene, and fall over everything that may be in their path.
fall is just, so good, isn't it??
jude thought sitting backwards on the hill was wise. it made my stomach hurt just watching him! speaking of stomachs... why do kids always need to go to the bathroom once you leave the house? elle finally gave in and went to the bathroom for the first time outside, ever- this is big news! (sorry to any "hikers" in the near vicinity.)

keep it coming, fall weather.    2014 has been mighty fine thus far.

(last years visit here.)

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  1. The pictures of Elle and Jude (where Elle is standing behind him and poking her head out) KILL me. You have beautiful children! Jude is looking like such a little boy these days!


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