when others are going to kindergarten...

i knew this was coming- and i knew it would be hard. school has officially started, hence the outpouring of grams and posts and pics on social media about so-and-so's first day of x grade. this almost-5-year-old little smartypants isn't going to kindergarten this year, but 9/10 of her friends are. and it stinks. mostly for me. i hate that she's right on par with the other kids, but they're all moving on without her. it happened to me, too, probably why it bugs me so much. i know it'll pass. and i know it's really no big deal at all... but it kind of is? either way, she's fine. and she's going to be home with me another year. so yay! i'll keep her, that's for sure. because we all know i can't get enough of her crazy poses and nutso antics.


  1. sorry elle! It really does stink. I am truly dreading it with baylor.

  2. Know the feeling....sucks for her! You're right though..it'll pass. So much fun, but so much stuff you don't want her exposed to. So here's to another year!!!

  3. We'll be going through the same thing. McKay will have 2 more years of preschool :(
    She's such a doll

  4. Hello, I just found your blog by searching for blogs in Logan UT. My little girl had a late birthday as well. I felt she was academically and socially ready for kindergarten so I put her in private school kindergarten early.(Monrningside) This year she was suppose to start public kindergarten but because we had already completed private Kindergarten we skipped to first grade. She just started and is doing great.


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