my dad's 70th & some snow in july.

my dad turned 70 at the end of july- 70! i swear once you become an adult, all other adults seem to remain a certain age- max, like, 40. i think all adults are 40. except grandparents. they can be around 60. 
peers are under 40. my mom is also under 40. my dad can be 40 because i know he's 18 years older than mom (true story)... but once i realize that i'll be 30 in a few short months... that means my mom can't be less than 40... and since i know my dad was almost 40 when he had me, he certainly can't be 40... it's all very confusing.
people age?
i'm terrible at guessing ages. and it's getting worse, clearly.
we had my parents over to celebrate my dad's elderly milestone (SEVENTY!!??), with a little sunday dinner. mike & elle decorated for our (scorching) lunch al fresco...
oh, first they blew bubbles though.
^^ elle made a sign for the garage.
we filled the table with dirt & pepsi. which seemed appropriate considering the celebration. 
...and we had one of our favorite meals- fruit, cheese, and french bread.
we also made my dad's favorite treats for dessert including chocolate sodas and raisin cookies. 
....both those items do tell his age... only old people consume chocolate sodas and raisin cookies. 

happy birthday, dad!
we also celebrated winter in the heat of july by busting out a can of fake snow.
which was discussing.
you know those silica packets that are in shoes & stuff? yah, it was like that. only x 1,000,000,000. what a mess! short-lived, but fun. 
and thus ends birthdays & snow.

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