saturday in our box house.

we're starting to catch on that when you have a "house" (yard), this is what people do on the weekends. no wonder i woke up to the sound of a lawnmower every saturday morning as a kid. sounds like suburbia! 
i can't believe i used to complain about chores as a child. hey kids? don't grow up. grown-up chores are the same, yet somehow, more labor intensive, expensive, and there's no one to even think of giving you allowance for all your "hard work."      lame-o.
the best part of all of this is that we're starting to be those people who stand in the street and stare at their grass with their head tilted to the side, analyzing. "good edging, mike! and you were right, that "l" curbing was way better than the straight-edged option..." 

sooooo back at it, saturday was another gloriously weathered day, so we hung out at home: yard work, splash pad, pool, repeat. 

while mike mowed, elle & me hung out in a big box on the driveway. we read magazines and listened to music, you know, the usual thing you'd do in those type of circumstances. when jude was awake, he did his best to destroy all organization in the garage, drink out of the gas can, and play inside the vole poison boxes.       that boy. 

speaking of yards! the good news (other than the fact that jude didn't die saturday- although we did end up at instacare on sunday with like a dozen people from our neighborhood, but it was for an ear infection, and not due to poisoning himself) is that the voles in our yard seem to be diminishing. the now filled-in holes aren't opening back up in quite the same frequency as they were last week. and mike's effort to save the grass is working. maybe. also, we signed a contract with an exterminator, so that means i didn't feel ONE BIT guilty for flagging the pest control guy down this morning when he was at our neighbor's house because, well, there was a moth in our house and i'm terrified of moths, and mike for some RIDICULOUS reason, wouldn't come home from work to kill it! (i know. the nerve, right?!) anyway, i pay for the exterminators, so why not call on them for vole AND moth removal?            moth. dead.         voles. working on it.

good times, good times.

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  1. Wise move in signing a contract with the exterminator. People ought to get the extra mile to maintain a pleasant move with regard to their homes. That means purging all the various parasites that can really cause unpleasant events in the long run. Good luck!

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