elle at 4.5 (& thoughts on school)...

people ask me all the time if i will homeschool elle (i assume, since i was homeschooled). although i would never say never, my prediction is that, for now at least, she will go to school, and for a few reasons-     1) elle thrives off of new people. i love watching her interact, and hearing what she learns at dance and in preschool from her teachers (and peers). she's a little social butterfly, and i want to give her time to explore herself and learn about others until she tells me, or i learn, otherwise. part of the reason i loved being homeschooled was because it was a choice my parents supported, and helped me make when we were all ready. i want to be sure elle has the choice and it's what she wants.     2) her and i bump heads. a lot.   :)   we are so similar in so many ways, and i know us being together all the time would lead to frustration on both of our parts! from past experience i know that's not ideal- my dad and i are incredibly alike, and days never went well when he tried to teach me. i love my dad, but it just wasn't a productive experience to have him sit down to teach me! (don't worry, this was a mutual understanding.)     3) many of the schools around us have language immersion programs. as a little girl, i began learning sign language, and by the time i was a teenager, i was completely fluent. bilingual, really. i say that now, having forgotten an embarrassingly large percentage of that knowledge. little brains are little sponges, and i'd love to watch her learn french, or mandarin, or spanish. and hey, maybe we can all go back to france and actually speak french? :)    
elle actually misses the cut-off for kindergarten by a tiny margin. which frustrates the heck out of me. i feel like she's more than ready to go to school next year, and it kind of pains me to watch her separate from most of her friends born just a couple of months before her (also because that same thing happened to me). that being said, i'm excited for another year with her at home.

i love that elle is her own tiny person. i love that she's smart and silly and sassy. she's a tough little pill some days, but other days, she's as kind and compassionate as they come. emotions run high with this one, but watching her is one of my greatest joys. seeing life through a child's eyes brings a lot more awareness and sensitivity to life and the experiences that shape us. of course i  want her to be the best person she can be, and i love watching our elle belle grow...
(^^ photos from just before we headed to take dance-recital photos w/ elle's class. she looks forward to the days a year when she gets to have red lips... as you can tell from her expression:)

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