spring has sprung (& i hope it sticks!)...

 i've always fancied myself as a fall kind of gal... but this spring, i just don't know. it feels incredible. i feel like i'm breathing a little easier now that the sun is warm again. every few days we get these amazing days- 60ish and sunny. they've happened a few times over recent weekends, which is even better if you ask me. our (days &) weekends have been packed, so little respites of family time are just what we need.
^^ mike & elle caught tadpoles in their hands while i pulled leaves, twigs, and drop after drop of duck poop out of jude's mouth. 
...then we sat at the top of a big hill and watched elle roll down over & over & over again. jude rolled sideways trying to mimic her... so basically, he just rolled over my legs over & over & over again.

the morning started out really early with setting up hundreds of chairs in heels (thank goodness i wore comfy ones), eating donut holes on the run, and finally listening to an amazing message from this man. which was awesome!

then i went to the eye doctor who i was afraid would tell me i was literally blind, or heaven forbid, needed to get contacts meaning i had to touch my eyeballs (PLEASE, NO!). turns out i can hobble along with my glasses.     if i would just wear them.     which is awesome, since we spent $20 instead of hundreds. (only spending $20 is the best news ever since we had to pay beaucoup [that's literally how you spell it? the french way? go figure!] on taxes, and now have to pay for a new car, i mean, new yard, which is the same as a new car [which coincidentally we also had to pay beaucoup for a few weeks ago when it started self-harming due to neglect and ended up in the sick bay for a couple days. i'm sorry, car!!]). 

soon thereafter, i got to the park to take photos for a darling family we know, and the sunlight was primo- which is awesome.

finally, we had this (^^) family time, at which point, i was incredibly aware and appreciative of the warm sun. it was awesome. 

after the park we went out for pizza, and stopped by trader joe's (does anyone else think the salt lake trader joe's always smells like a litter box? every.time.we.go!). i still haven't caught on to the trader joe's phenomenon (could be the smell). it's just busy and small and laid out really strange... but they have pretty tasty cookies. which i bought, of course, in addition to sugar snap peas. which, too, are awesome.

basically, it was a really good day.

thank you, spring weather!

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  1. When I was pregnant I could NOT go to trader joes. Just thinking of the smell made me so nauseous :)


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