jude's 1st birthday (waffle) party...

we were so lucky to have all our family come down on the 22nd to party with us. jude was, of course, thrilled. it's a party! who isn't thrilled for a party? 
 elle as photographer...
like normal, elle asked every 4 minutes, "is it time for my cousins to come yet!?" 
these two bounced on couch cushions while they waited. we aim to please.
 ^^ and jude stopped for a snack because... well, he's always hungry.
 i'll have the recipe on butter soon, but let's just say it took 12 recipes to find the right one- i wanted free-hotel-continental-breakfast waffles- know what i mean!? oh, and we needed 25+ to stay crisp. because this was a waffle party. (did i mention that yet? waffle party.) i want crisp waffles!!! hallelujah, after some serious dedication, we found a recipe that worked. ^^ ta-daa! waffle station.
 ^^ donuts & milk. because carbs are everyone's best friend.
 ^^ favors.
^^ my favorite way to eat waffles! i call this milk & honey style. reminds me of childhood. yum!
 ^^ waiting for his big smash moment. eating a toothbrush like always:)
 wait for it, wait for it......
... here it comes!...
 ^^ bah-hahaha! he hated the frosting. he gagged. and grimaced. and now i shall forever have these photos as blackmail. you're welcome, juju!
 i tried to entice him. nope...
 ^^ in all public glory, we moved jude straight to the sink to rinse the icing-goop, and then he took a nap while we wrapped up the celebration.

happy birthday, jude!
(see elle's 1st birthday party here.)

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