happy valentines day!

 i know, it's not until tomorrow. but it's not really a holiday in my book anyway, so happy early valentines day! i really thoroughly dislike the day- nothing against love, it just reminds me of throwing up. and if you know me, you know puking is like, numero uno, on my list of fears. (which, by the way, did you know there's a name for said fear!?) well, one year we had the flu on valentines, which was really just mike with the flu and me pregnant, but i didn't know that then. this week i was flu-ish and thought the whole thing would repeat itself! ick. flu. valentines day = nausea. 
thankfully, it's so much more fun to just celebrate all that red & pink with kids. they're so fun & festive! homemade valentines all over the place. moms getting creative (too creative?) thanks to pinterest. conversation hearts. aisles of candy in the grocery store. see, there is no need for cards & flowers in our house (although, i'd never turn down chocolate on any day).

i didn't intend for this to be an elle + applesauce fest, but she was cracking me up pulling these faces so here goes. pre-preschool valentines photo sesh with her "you're awesome sauce valentine!" valentines:
alotofapplesauceandelle. see? :)
 ^^ oh! and she got her face painted at preschool, so she was delighted beyond belief. 
after this photo she asked if she could put on a hoodie and pj pants so we'd match. "mom, you're the coolest mom in the whole world! let's match perfectly so daddy doesn't know which one of us is elle!
see? that's why you have kids. every so often you get this "best moment ever" thing happen where your kid thinks you're the coolest person in the world because you're too lazy to keep normal pants on all day. 
man, i love her.
^^ because i can't leave him out- i was playing the scriptures on my phone yesterday since i can't read them with kids around (jude, really. he eats the phone whenever he sees it on). well, i pushed play and jude thought the voice was mike's so he started squealing, "dadadadadada!!!!" he then licked the phone repeatedly. 
man, i love him, too.

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