happy 1st birthday, jude!

my sweet baby jude! it's 02/20 and that means it's your day. i can't believe 365 days have come and gone... 

your birthday was so welcomed after another long pregnancy. i'll never forget the confusion and the anxiety that day. the laughs when i walked into work and my coworkers had a towel and string on my desk- ready for me to deliver at any moment. the multiple trips in/out of the doctors office while they decided whether or not to induce me. the terrible cold i had. i cried when i was alone in the clean, sterile, empty delivery room, holding a folded hospital gown. i was so weak and sick and tired- i had no idea how i could go from such a busy day, to being checked in at the hospital in the afternoon, and then, expected to just go give birth all in a days time

 your big sister visited, and tried to figure out what was going on. your nana & papa brought wendy's for your dad.while your dad went back and forth from home grabbing things we forgot, i sat, nauseous, and watched 'survivor.' then it came- before midnight like i prayed- 10:21. i'll never forget the peaceful way you came into the world late that wednesday night.

you had a head full of brown hair! you looked at me with your sleepy, dark eyes. you looked so sweet and new and precious. i've never felt so happy in all my life as i did those hours after you came into our lives. the days in the hospital, just you, me, and your dad are some of my most cherished moments. 

you bring our family together. you make us all laugh. the bond you have with your sister puts life into perspective. i love that you are a mama's boy- i love it so much! i am thrilled to be your mom. thrilled you are mine- ours- that we have each other forever.

happy birthday, juju!

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  1. Happy birthday Jude! What a sweet post


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