christmas recital.

 elle had her christmas recital yesterday- it was just at her studio, and she did miles better than last year:) she was actually, like, good! i mean, add the bum-shakin' to "santa baby," and hello!? amazingness. we all love this new place- her teacher is awesome, and the whole approach is great. pretend i was on-the-ball and made her some cute christmas accessory like the other moms.    :-/    (yes, i did put her in a baby bow. it was the only red accessory i could find. go, me.)

it was packed. PACKED! we were squished on the floor (and had some near-misses, narrowly escaping being kicked in the face:). my parents were squished on a table. it was quite the sight, all of us packed in those dance studios! BUT! it was nice to have a free recital. i'm all about free recitals:)
^^ warming up!
^^ us sitting literally, in the middle of the floor:)  
 ^^ there's elle! work it, girl…
love you, tiny dancer!

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