trips to the park in the fall.

it's been a beautiful fall. if it wasn't for the weird time changes, i'd be raving even more! (why time changes! why?!?!) elle is allergic to wearing a coat (still. like the rest of us i suppose?), but she always complains she's cold. jude needs a coat, but we're wrestling with what to do with him- he's 23 lbs. and carrying him in his car seat is like lugging a back of rock salt around at all times. but taking him out and carrying him is a lot of work, too. babies just look schtuffed when they're crammed in a car seat with a coat. and he's to tall for a bundle thing... it's really quite the predicament. suggestions anyone? i've got nothin. for now, he wears a sweater and a blanket for 3 seconds until he chucks it off him. oh well. poor jude.

^^ what a little lady she's turned into. this 4-year-old stuff is serious business! sometimes when i get all sucked up in baby-ness, i look over and see her. this person. a full-fledged person! i made her hold a grocery bag open the other day as i scooped poop out of every crevice of jude's-judeness, and launched it into the open bag. we're talking pj's (including the feet part), legs, hair with full on poop affixed (tmi?)... we squealed in horror and dry heaved as jude chuckled, and i just thought, "man, she's awesome!" most days we have our moments. daily. like teenage girls we fight, the two of us do. but oh, how i love her dramatic flair and willful spirit! we laugh multiple times a day at the things that come out of her mouth. yesterday on the way home from Church she said, "remember how you say that Jesus and Heavenly Father and Santa are always watching so i have to be good? well... while they're looking at me i just wondered, do Jesus and Heavenly Father have mustaches like Santa does?"
^^ making friends. who needs parents when there are other cool kids to jam with.
^^ mike, master dad, takes matters into his own hands (feet) and makes it rain leaves. i'm not sure how he's such a good parent. i need to figure it out and be more like him on the coolness radar.
thanks for comin' & stayin' a while, fall. 

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