this fox says stop, and jude at 9 months.

hey! another random post! go, me.
i mostly want to post this for my own memory-keeping.

to note: elle and mike listened to "what does the fox say" so many times the other night that they actually memorized it. kill me now. above she's watching some random you tube thing because i'm the world's most attentive mom and let my kid do that kind of crap. ha! amazing.
now my little juju. 

he's 9 months today. 9 months! i should have dedicated an entire post to him! but again, world's most attentive mom failed at that one, too. 
jude is still our dreamboat. he's such a stud! last week while elle was at preschool jude and i sat on the couch and ate pretzels like we do. while i slid pretzel bits into his mouth- BAM! TEETH! the kid  has bottom teeth! wouldn't one assume i'd be the first to notice he'd cut 2 teeth? apparently not. finally! my baby is getting teeth! better late than never. i shudder to think of how much more/quicker he'll eat now……… oh dear. i think it's time to quit nursing once and for all while i'm at it. i've been weening for a few weeks now, but i just can't quit entirely... it's that whole $20/week on formula thing that keeps killing me. i mean, he's way too big and uninterested in me so i should just give it up completely. oh well, work in progress.

this past weekend he also started saying, "mama" (or "mamamamamamama") in full-force. i'm fairly sure he has no specific context in saying it other than when he wants something/someone, but i pretend like he does it just for me (after all, he does say it when he sees me, too). it's official: i'm counting "mama" as his first word:)

i can't believe he'll be ONE in just a few months. i can't even think about it. STOPITAMANDA! i just can't... i mean... wow.
jude is such an amazing baby that i won't even tell you how awesome he is or else i will jinx us. we all love him.
^^ determined to open that drawer. he has a love/hate relationship with drawers. no inflatable bouncy will stop this crawling-ish studman. don't you love this angle, too? he's like ginormo-baby!
^^ date night w/ just us 3 (elle was livin' it up at my parents). we shared a healthy dinner of fries & a blackberry shake, did a little mall-shopping, and strolled around the city on a perfect weeknight.
happy 9 month judester!

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