a little light on her fairy wings.

after a near-perfect-weather-weekend last week, this one was much more characteristic of late november: cold, wet... 
cold.      wet.      (you know how it goes.)
elle & i went on a little date in the morning, but just as the afternoon sky got even darker, while mike was outside finishing our Christmas lights, and jude was crawling around trying to eat something (a shoe apparently, as noted below), there was elle- dancing around in her fairy wings. i've said it before- not in an effort to be negative, but we have our moments of butting heads. we're too similar i suppose. she didn't think too fondly of my camera, or of the wings which refused to stay on her shoulders, but it was just this funny moment that somehow got captured, and now it totally makes me smile. it was so dreary and still in those few moments. 
man, i love moments.
and those little babies of mine.

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