over under over

man, jude loves food. 
and those squeezy things are brilliant. 
expensive, but brilliant. 
with elle, i took pride in the fact that i never bought baby food. not once! not a single jar! never! yah, the same pattern does not go for jude. the kid can eat an entire roasted sweet potato, a bottle, and 1/3 canister of puffs in a single sitting. it didn't take long to realize those big ol' squeezy organic things were worth the $1.68 every so often when i actually need to use my hands for a few minutes surrounding meal time (not that they fill him either.......oh well). thanks, squeezy things. i feel like a lame-r mom, but that's ok. i'm kind of over it already.

while we're on the topic, the little high chair we used to strap to our dining room chair because it's all we had space for? yah, it doesn't work with jude. somehow it was fine with elle for years, but not him! somehow nearly tips the chair backward each time he sits in it. i gave in and bought a new high chair so the chances of him dying by falling backwards are severely reduced... now he just kicks and swings and kicks and swings those legs... he loves it. and he seems so old! he's getting too big. too big! stop little boy! 

and while we're not on the topic... jude's hair. we get more comments on his hair. i never want to do a darn thing to it because it's just so puffy and fun. judge me if you will, but i love it. you may want to take note that this hair runs in the family. :) puffball hair doesn't last long, so i shall enjoy it while i can! 


  1. I'm impressed that you made all of Elle's baby food! I did not once -- yes, that's right -- NOT ONE TIME EVER make baby food for Weston. He lived off those squeezy things. I've seen refillable washable ones at the store that I thought, if I was one of those martha-stewart moms who was crafty and also cooked and cleaned and made baby food, I'd totally have them and use them... But, I pretty much fail.

    But, back to Jude. His hair fluff/puff is too much to handle. I just want to rub his head. And squish his legs.

  2. those tiny chubby legs/baby feet under the table..eee!


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