elle's 4th birthday party

one of the things i looked forward to the most in moving to a bigger house was the prospect of having people over without feeling claustrophobic. why not test out the theory with eleven 4-year-olds, right? 
man, oh, man was this fun! 90 minutes with these kidlets sped by like lightning! they were hilarious- one would shout, "LET'S GO UPSTAIRS!" and like a little army, the rest would cry, "LET'S GO UPSTAAAAAAAIRS!" whoosh! up they'd go. repeated 481 times. poor jude was in the midst of the never-ending-cold/ear-infection-that-still-is-lingering so he slept through most of the madness (it was so loud!)- he's good:)
a little food, piƱata bashing (mike thought it wise to hold it up himself- ha!), present opening (those kids surrounded elle like bodyguards. i had no hope of penetrating their circle to identify who gave who what- they were savages those kids! paper! everywhere!). this castle party was a success if i do say so myself!

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  1. You are so brave! I'm glad it was fun and didn't make you lose your mind. You put together the sweetest, perfect party. And that Elle! You know I'm going to be so disappointed if my girl doesn't have her sweet-as-honey voice. (That was not an announcement, I'm just optimistic!) Good job, Petersens! And welcome to 4-hood, Elle. It's just grand.


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