part 1, hollywood studios & the magic kingdom

let's just get something out of the way really quick- it was so hot. like, walk-outside-and-your-sunglasses-and-camera-lens-fog-up-and-stay-fogged-up-for-5-straight-minutes hot. we all came home from disney sick- although it's likely just a virus, i blame it in part on the fact that we spent 9 days going from extreme heat and humidity, into blowing, cold, a/c for hours on end. that messes with one's system, i tell you! other than the heat, it really was an incredible trip... but it does partially explain why on day 1 we have a total of, like, 6 pictures. we were all red, sweaty, worn looking folks! :)
 ^^ we got to try out the new magic bands- pretty nifty! they acted as room keys, credit cards, park passes, you name it. hence the bracelets in each picture on vacation:)
 ^^ we spent time each afternoon swimming to cool off. when we visited last february if was freezing cold so swimming was only on our wish list- this trip it was a must! we practically passed out into the pool when we walked by it after returning from the parks in the afternoons...
 ^^ we celebrated elle's birthday by giving her a a bunch of princess surprises on day 2. see that pin? it's pretty much a magic button that causes every cast member on disney property to pause and wish elle a happy birthday. disney knows how to charm, that's for sure:) elle loved the attention! 
(they even did a shout-out one evening on a bus ride back to the resort: "ladies and gentlemen, please be sure to greet the special guest tonight- our very own princess!" i mean- c'mon!)

back to the princess-fest: we woke up pathetically early and started with a princess breakfast at cinderella's royal table- a tiny meal that: cost more than any mean we've ever eaten in our lives, took dozens of phone calls to secure a reservation, and was probably somewhat under-apprecaited by a certain tired toddler and overly exhausted mom... oh, and jude had a blowout so mike spent the meal trying to change his diaper in a small bathroom without a changing table... oh, travel with kids. ALAS! breakfast! good times.
lucky for you, i recall every word mike said during our 40 minutes in the castle. ahem: 
"jude stinks... jude pooped everywhere... did i order food?... jude pooped on me... well, hello jasmine!!!!... more poop, gotta go..."
we were the first there at 8 am- cinderella welcomed elle and we were escorted upstairs. just after we sat down, pastries were served, as was our meal, and a somewhat-quick procession of snow white, aurora, ariel, & jasmine. 
did i ever tell you i was almost a princess back in the day when i worked at disney? remind me to tell you about that sometime. sure would be cool to brag about now that i have a princess of a daughter. any leverage i can get, you know? :) 
 ^^ next up, the bibbidy bobbidy boutique! 
i steered her away from the pop star rainbow extensions (!!!) and elle "chose" a demure bun:) they gobbed so much goobley-goo in her hair! oh the goo! add in makeup, nails, and an aurora dress and the girl barely looked up the entire day. she was twirling in heeeaaaven. the whole experience was darling- the bun? well, it resulted in a 2am scream-fest, "I HAVE A HEADACHE! HELP ME!!" she had a fever (probably from being dehydrated, too, and running around in a long sleeve dress all day. oops)- we picked and pulled at that bun and it was so shellacked in gunk, it took all our energy to pull it out. her hair literally sprung back when you pulled it down! hair gel? check. migraines for the whole family at 2am? check. this face? totally worth it:)
 ^^ every ounce of elle's demeanor was princess-esque. the way she held her hands, how she walked- hilarious. princess hand mimicking award of the year goes to this girl! spot-on, girlfriend.
 ^^ hey! jude! this sweaty stud reclined with one foot up most of the trip. except the 984 times we took him out to ride rides or get in/out of the car. 
he was so. good!
 ^^ our score (me + the kids) was 620. 
mike's was 1,690,000. i mean, you'd never know it by the look on his face..........
to be continued...

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  1. Oh man you make me laugh. Last time we went to Disney (oh how i miss it) they gave dax a first time visitor button, or something of the sort, but would he wear it? nope. Disney really does go out of their way to make it fun. Mike's conversation at the castle....hilarious. And that look on his face on buzz lightyear's ride was worth every penny as well, right? I am still so jealous.


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