summer night & concert at cherry hill >>

so... my dad is an incredibly selfless man (and my mom is incredibly supportive), and he spends every weekend in the summer (yes, all) volunteering at cherry hill doing sound for their evening concert series! we've never been because our babes go to bed before they begin, but seeing as though summer nights are dimming a little earlier, and days are getting just a tad bit cooler... we thought we better head over before it was too late! we went to swim for a couple hours before the show began...
^^ ok, so none of us swimming, but trust me, we swam. not for long... because the wind was a weeeeee bit chilly, but we swam nonetheless!
^^ we left to bathe babies & get ready for bed, and returned as the sun started to set and the show began.
^^ i rocked juju in his car seat with my foot, and he zonked out (thank heavens he has better sleeping habits than his sister who would rather do this.......) 
^^ ... and elle partied hard until we were mean parents and headed home for bed:)

if you're in davis county, go! there are a few shows left. they're free, and so fun! and you can say hi to my dad. he looks like that (^^) :)

(oh! and you can see the last time we all went to cherry hill here:)

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