mikey's 31st birthday & a little piece of heaven on earth...

 even though the women i work with have changed, we had the chance to see old friends at a little reunion at one of my favorite places. not only is it a little slice of heaven on earth to look at, but it's also full of love and joy and fun. it just feels like a happy place. it oozes dreaminess, and sounds like laughter all the time, and i couldn't have planned a better party for mike if i tried! 
(i love it when i do nothing and things turn out amazing :)

mike took off work early and we headed up the canyon. the sun hid most of the afternoon, and even though it made for shivering wet bodies, it in turn made for perfection as we all chatted & ate under the big trees. elle remembered it from years past as "the lake with the big slide" (which she loooooooved this year!). 
^^ this chunk hung out the whole day & giggled as people passed him around. can you believe last year he was the size of a raspberry making me sicky-sick? go figure.
 ^^ :)
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