sunlight & thanks...

this is a little post of gratitude- it should be a big post, really- dedicated to my parents. 
bless their sweet souls for allowing 4 loud people to takeover their home for 6 weeks! 
they gave up their master bed and bath for mike, jude & me, and their hallway for elle. 
they dealt with a toddler who was incessantly delighted to have 2 additional people to talk to/play with/harass.
they negotiated my constant loads of laundry in-cycle thanks to the poop master himself,  jude maxwell petersen.
they watched kids while we ran errands, got ready to move, shopped for our new house, and worked.
my mom made a heck of a lot more home-cooked meals than i ever do. she also bought at least 10 costco boxes of oreos for mike, and a lengthy list of my favorite freezer treats.
they were champs, and we are so thankful.
although the thought of all of us in 1 squishy house was a little terrifying to the mind, it turned out to be a great few weeks. 
it was kind of nice to feel like a kid again. and to have extra hands to help. and it was so tender to watch my babies' delight each morning as they looked at their nana & pap who spoiled them rotten.
all that, and throw in the fact that they've been knee-deep in paint with us. and woodwork. and boxes. 
our sweet families helped us move for what seemed like 641 days in a row. we are so thankful!
thank you thank you thank you!

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