jude's room.

^^ i love pinterest, don't you? i'm a big copycat, but as long as i say "i saw it on pinterest!" it doesn't seem as lame... right? :) i copied the curtains & wall treatments- the black ceiling, crown molding, & railing? oooh! i am so in love. his room took us weeks longer than we expected, and a whole lot more money thanks to the realization that crown molding can only be installed by a professional (do not try this at home... at least if you're a petersen)- alas, it's done! the airplane & creepy toy charly the bartender were mike's when he was a kiddo... and they make me smile... the whole room makes me so darn happy. now, if only juju appreciated it as much as we do ;)

(ps- the first photos from my phone. my poor camera lens isn't wide enough to get a horizontal shot. ha!

pps- pretend those baskets are organized & look pretty.)

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  1. May I just say that that ceiling treatment looks fantastic!!! No really, after I saw it yesterday on your blog I woke up this morning thinking about it as I stared at my ceiling. Bravo! Amanda does fabulous again!


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